WordPress Tutorial for Beginners | Step-By-Step

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Welcome to this WordPress Tutorial for Beginners | Step-By-Step 2019!

Step #1: How to Install WordPress 0:46
Step #2: How to Log Into WordPress 7:02
Step #3: How to Navigate the WordPress Dashboard 8:16
Step #4: How to Add a New Theme 11:41
Step #5: How to Install Plugins 13:57
Step #6: How to Customize Your Website 17:00
Step #7: How to Add Pages 23:54
Step #8: How to Create a Blog Post 27:06
Step #9: Publish Your Website! 30:30


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  1. Archer Edutainment

    From out of the darkness… thank you for helping me get… started… the toughest of all steps being… the first one.

  2. Sumonz Creation Team

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  3. Hi my website doesn't seem to have propagated. I have waited 24hrs now an wonder if I have done something wrong. I have a advert page instead of the wordpress login after I have used the wp-admin

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  5. My admin page dont have plugins button

  6. Sandeep Chikkam

    Hello sir, I created a blog 4 months ago. I have written 30 posts in my blog. I have submitted them in Google search console but only 10 posts are indexed. Remaining 20 posts are not getting indexed from 2.5 months. I checked everything and realised that no mistake from my side. Posts have no noindex tags and also tried resubmitting sitemap but no use. Sir,Can you please tell me how to solve this?

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  8. New subscriber! Thank you for a great tutorial video. It's great! One question: What does "Hatchling: 1 month" mean? Is the $7.67 a one-time cost or is it actually a monthly cost? Thank you.

  9. My Craft Quiet Books

    Thank you!! It was really helpful!!

  10. Thanks so much! Really informative.

  11. You are the best – there are people who charge a ton of money to do this. Thanks – love from India

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    Hi, I am enjoying your tutorial, but why did I get a total of 47.66? Thanks for your help in advance.

  13. After typing in my new domain this appears on the screen: Fatal error: Can't use method return value in write context in /home2/austrgua/public_html/wp-content/themes/hestia/inc/core/class-hestia-public.php on line 864, how do I understand it? Help me please!

  14. Princess Villamin

    Thank You <3

  15. Adding/editing a page or post does not show the content but shows in preview. What might be the reason behind this?

  16. when i open any of my added pictures in wordpress it doesnot shows up
    everything is blank, somebody please help me

  17. Subscribed, thank you for this.

  18. Wallene Stoddard

    This was AWESOME! No experience with anything web related and I’m pretty sure I can fix/change our current WordPress webpage.

  19. One can imagine its popularity watching second video and same theme is being used!

  20. excellent job, I've learned a lot, I have 2 websites I'd like to do small changes and additions, but always get stuck

  21. Jonathan Manshack

    When I change the background image of the default bear, my image gets super stretched. How do I get the theme to not stretch my image?

  22. Tutorial is ok, but hostgator are useless, 4 hours i was on chat with them trying to resolve issue's, Maria the worst, how do you sleep at night referring people to that rubbish?

  23. Jonathan Manshack

    What about editing a theme before I activate it? I can't edit a theme without activating it and taking over the current theme. I heard something about a staging site..?

  24. You saved my life….loud and clear for begginers like myself.Thank you so so much…you are my mentor,my hero…..keep well

  25. Thanks

  26. Czeching With Katrina

    You gave a lot of information but unfortunately, it fell short. You told us how to change the top of that first page, create pages and posts and how to publiesh, but that theme still has a lot of things on the first page and you didn't tell us how to change and of the rest of first page. So now I'm just stuck with part of a website. I still can't publish because there's a bunch of Hestia stuff on that page still that I can figure out how to change and delete and add, etc.

  27. Good tutorial. Loved it.

  28. anyone else notice the clock doesn't move?

  29. I think of you every step of the way.

  30. My thoughts soo far: "Lorem ipsum"

  31. Anant Maheshwari

    Amazing video with detailed explanation….

  32. this video is an island in the ocean …..keep up!

  33. Wow great tutorial and for free thanks! Will subscribe to your channel!

  34. pressing the customize didn't do anything. It's still stays as purple instead of displaying the image. Can you tell me what happened ?

  35. Hi, i installed Hestia, but this happend: Fatal error: /home4/thevoger/public_html/wp-content/themes/hestia/inc/core/class-hestia-public.php on line 864 . I cant do anything now. Can you please get me an advice ?

  36. Sarah's Mom MyTinyMoments

    Your nice , calm voice helps a lot. Your tone says, "be calm, you can do it." Thank you.

  37. i did all the step and but the domain name and i wait for 24 hour but it dosent appears yet what to do ?

  38. Thank you so much for your time to put all the information for free, here <3

  39. Very goo tutorial on the basics. Subbed!

  40. Help please, I have an error message on trying to install hostgator following your tutorial and using your link. The message says “Installation failed” Error details Installation directory is not empty. Please install to an empty location.
    What do I need to do

  41. All sorted through hostgator, thanks

  42. is it wordpress org or com?

  43. Lalitlha Victor

    a good Job excellent!!!!!

  44. I wonder if it would be fine if I install the website Hosting on Hostinger. Because it just costs about 9 $ per month.
    Any suggestions from you??

  45. The Ten Things

    Amazing work bro , Thanks a lot ^^

  46. Hello. A complete WordPress newbee, here. If I install a new theme, do I lose all the content I've already entered? If so, how do I transfer the old content onto the new theme? Your advice is appreciated. Thank you, in advance.

  47. Ehiwuogwu Austin

    This tutorial is absolutely good—-it's worth listening to over and over again, thank.

  48. Your tutorial is really easy to follow but I hit a snag I don't know how to fix my uploaded background and wide block boxes help…

  49. Hi Dale ! Thanks for this basic tutorial. You're a saver! I'm working as a virtual assistant and my client wants me to make some changes on his website. You're such a great help.

  50. What is the software you're using to record your screen??

  51. Michelle De Guzman

    Whoa! amazing. This is one of the best tutorials I have ever seen. Thank you for doing this


    Very Informative content .Much appreciated

  53. Great tutorial. I was amazed that it is so easy to navigate WordPress. Very neat and concise on the tutorial.

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  55. This is a greatest tutorial. Thank you

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    I like your easy explanation and smile, thanks man, wordpress was a nightmare for me

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    Don't miss it

  58. Chase Jacobson

    So, I'm not sure if I missed a step here… You say "install wordpress", and then you go into hostgator… Do I need to go to wordpress.org first and install wordpress on my computer?

  59. radziah ibrhim

    Does domain name comes with the hosting please. Tq

  60. radziah ibrhim

    I wish i had found you long time ago. I am certain to break my subscriber button for you….Good job buddy.

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  64. Try this it is the cheapest Hosting Service!

  65. The best wordpress tutorial ever❤

  66. Gilbert Mungame


  67. Great tutorial thankyou,
    Have some questions though if that’s ok
    I already have a WordPress site which I don’t like, how would I go about changing it for a new one? I have some files for a new one that I need to upload, just not sure on how to replace the new one with my current one, obvisouly I don’t want it affecting my domain or anything like that

  68. Mirthuhamsiny Thangasamy

    Thank you so much

  69. Very informative. Thank you for sharing.

  70. Is it possible to create a secondary website with a different Theme while my current site is still up without buying a new domain name? Really like the video and and like to create an updated updated site but don't wan to take my current one offline in the meantime. Thanks

  71. Best tutorial! Thank you

  72. Dolorese Plante

    Wow! you are a great teacher! Learned a lot, thanks.

  73. Glenn Rodger - Majestic Video

    This video is awesome. I appreciate what you do …. Good work #Majestic

  74. Maybe jumping the gun. followed the Hestia instructions as a trial. Now require to import large Logo instead of Title words. Possible. from an older subscriber.

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    The lowest price for webhosting and domain registrars

  76. Sleep Like A Badass

    This video is, HANDS DOWN, the single most helpful, easy to understand and best edited "how to" I've EVER watched on Youtube. I've paid thousands of $$$ to developers in the past for a WordPress site. I'm so thankful to have found you. You have a new disciple/Subscriber!

  77. You are my life saver! I hired a freelancer and made my first website, but I can't continue hiring someone. This changed my life. Thank you

  78. Jernej Praznik

    I want to have a domain for my country (.si). Where can I get it, what do you suggest?

  79. Hello So I began managing a site recently and the owner handed it over to me and in the cause of working the site out ..I discovered the site was not secured ,I tried securing it by downloading a plug-in I saw online and then minutes later I cannot access the site something about the site not being secured and attackers may be trying to steal information

  80. how do I transfer over from godaddy?

  81. sabrina carelli

    Wow, this has been so helpful and you make it look so simple. For some reason WP keeps making me log in every 5 to 10 minutes then it's saying something about the "Cookies"!! I haven't touch WP in over a year since my friend set this up for me. I just want to update my services and pricing. I'm feeling so lost can you help me?

  82. Anne francisco

    thanks for the tutorial

  83. computer solution

    are you tech nice

  84. What would be the difference between going with host gator then installing WordPress vs going with Godaddy? I've already purchased a domain and unique email stuff from Godaddy and see different deals for a WordPress website would it basically be the samething?

  85. Modhu Sudon Biswas

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  86. i am really excited about your way of explaining things thank you so much i smashed the subscribe button and liked so much looking forward for more amassing content like this in future !

  87. I live in South Africa does that make a difference? I am totally technologically challenged at the age of 56. please help

  88. Dale – you rock! Your videos are some of the best!

  89. when i clicked the theme this is what is appearing on my screen what should i do
    Fatal error: Can't use method return value in write context in /home3/leedaves/public_html/wp-content/themes/hestia/inc/core/class-hestia-public.php on line 864

  90. So I have pages listed on the top. How do I add posts to each of those pages. My posts aren't ending up under pages and I have no idea how to link them together.

  91. Art And Design By CreaJo

    i already had a domain name but lack of time didnt get me to building, watched this video and finaly got started so thx! if you want to see the product im working on check my videos

  92. thanks for the great tutorial. subbed!

  93. I registered my domain and hosting on WP on Premium Plan. But the dashboard looks different and I cant delete or install any plug-ins or activate the ones already there. Same with themes. Can you help ?

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  95. Thank you so much, easy peasy : )

  96. Great tutorial. Thank you.

  97. Maarten Gruson

    Exactly what I needed! Thanks! I have one question, I downloaded an Enfold Theme. But there is no option to upload it in my WordPress account. Can someone help me with this?

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