WordPress Tutorial for Beginners (2020) – Make a Professional Website!

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners (2020)
Learn how to make a PROFESSIONAL website with WordPress, step by step!

I’ve personally been using WordPress myself for over 7 years now, and decided to create this tutorial to show you everything you’ll need to know to get started.

So if you want to make a professional website today… Just click play, and follow this simple WordPress tutorial for beginners.

★ Why use WordPress?

WordPress is the same platform used by companies like Forbes, CNN, The New York Times, Mashable and Sony just to name a few.

And not only that, but it’s also SUPER EASY to use!

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★ WordPress Tutorial for Beginners (Step by Step)

Below is a list of everything we will be doing, along with the time they appear in the video.

00:00 Video Introduction
00:57 Website Tour
03:17 Why WordPress?
03:41 The 5 Main Steps
05:48 Registering Hosting / Domain Name
10:50 Logging into Hosting cPanel
11:51 Installing WordPress
13:14 Logging into WordPress
14:08 Viewing Default WordPress Installation
14:56 Delete Demo Content
17:05 Installing WordPress Theme (Primer Theme)
19:17 Customising WordPress Theme
— 19:34 Site Identity
— 22:16 Layout
— 22:50 Colours
— 24:41 Fonts
— 25:20 Header Media
— 26:26 Background Image
— 26:47 Navigation Menus (Adding Pages)
— 28:56 WordPress Widgets (Sidebar)
— 31:55 Homepage Settings
33:30 Adding Content to WordPress Pages
36:23 Updating WordPress permalinks
37:27 Creating Blog Posts on WordPress
42:07 Adding a Contact Form (WP Forms Plugin)
45:34 Congratulations!

After following these simple steps, you will have your very own PROFESSIONAL WordPress website, up and running online.

I hope you love it!

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Original Video URL: https://youtu.be/H7tSg98RW7U

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