WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2020 [Made Easy]

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2020 [Made Easy] *Web Hosting Discount Here
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01:30 Pick A Hosting Provider
02:05 Choose Domain Name
04:30 Install WordPress
07:45 Add Theme
08:20 Add Content

Websites are an integral part of the internet age. Most of the people these days are making efforts to design a website either for business needs, blogging or for personal usage. But no one is interested in learning typical coding languages to lead the development process.

People are more concerned about using simple drag and drop tools to create an interactive website platform. Well, It is possible only if you get started.

Beginners might be interested to know all the essential stuff about website designing using WordPress. Don’t Worry! We’ll show you the wordpress basics and make sure your search results have directed you to the right page. This WordPress tutorial can teach you all basic stuff for designing your website.

WordPress – The Basics

WordPress was first launched in the year 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. This open source website development platform is completely based on MySQL and PHP programming languages and is also known as a Content Management System in advanced terms. Currently, WordPress is serving around 75 million website platforms all over the world.

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2020

One of the prime reasons for the increased popularity of WordPress is its simple drag and drop type interface that allows beginners to design their website within a few minutes.

This system is also loaded with unlimited widgets, themes and plugins that users can access to refine the ultimate looks of their website. WordPress 2020 doesn’t require you to follow complicated installation procedures to get started with website development.

The auto-installer or one-click installation systems work perfectly with almost all hosting service providers. GoDaddy also offers managed WordPress builder to ease the website development process for beginners.

Learn How To Use WordPress

Once the installation process for WordPress is completed, you will be directed to the WordPress administrator dashboard. In order to get inside, to begin with, the design process, you have to use your administrator credentials.

Once you get inside, you will find quick access to all controls and settings. In most cases, users start by choosing the desired theme for their website and then start adding essential pages.

You can access the long list of plugins to add extra effects to your website; however, if they are not suitable to your needs, it is also possible to buy new ones. Spare some time to manage all your menus and widgets to make your website easier to navigate for the end users. When designing a website for a business, make sure it is catchy.

E-commerce website must have a list of products along with beautiful images and short descriptions that can capture buyer’s attention with ease. Those who are interested in bringing some valuable content to the audience are advised to add focus to the blog page.

Prefer to follow adequate routines for posting your content online. It must be relevant to your theme and the interest of readers as well.

In case if you are promoting your good works through a website, the gallery page for wordpress 2020 must be loaded with some high-quality images so that people can get inspired from you. You can make your WordPress website public when you’re ready.

Optimize Your WordPress Website:

If you are designing a website, it is high time to understand that it must be optimized as well. The common trend these days is to design a website that works perfectly on almost all digital devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers irrespective of their screen sizes.

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In this WordPress tutorial 2020 program it can help you better in this regard as it always provides a responsive design for websites without any additional effort from you.

Another essential factor for website design is ensuring optimized performance. No user is ready to spend more than a few seconds to wait for the website loading. It is good to choose your website hosting service provider carefully to make sure that it ensures better performance.

Sometimes, bad plugins and wrong themes can also slow down website loading speed. In this wordpress tutorial for beginners 2020 guide hence, users need to be very careful while designing their website on or off of wordpress.

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