WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial: How to Easily Work With the Block Editor

Are you looking for an easy tutorial on how to use WordPress Gutenberg editor? We’ll show you how to use Gutenberg to create your posts in WordPress.

And we’ll cover some of the most popular blocks like the paragraph, image, and link block. We’ll also highlight a few Gutenberg blocks like the Cover page and the Gallery block.

And did you know that many plugins like WPForms use blocks to easily integrate their plugins with your post or pages.

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You can read more about the Gutenberg block editor from our written article here:

0:00 Intro
0:28 Difference between Gutenberg block editor and Classic Editor
1:21 How to add a block in Gutenberg
2:13 Working with blocks in the editor
5:50 Saving and reusing blocks in Gutenberg
7:38 Publishing and managing options in Gutenberg block editor
9:06 Plugin options in Gutenberg
10:30 Adding an image in WordPress block editor
10:44 How to add a link in Gutenberg block editor
11:16 How to add an image gallery using Gutenberg
12:18 Exploring new content blocks in WordPress block editor
14:55 Create a table with Gutenberg block editor in WordPress
16:09 Adding columns to the block editor
16:40 Bonus tips on using Gutenberg like a Pro
18:46 Can I still use the classic editor in WordPress?
20:25 What is your favorite block to use with Gutenberg?

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  1. Thank you for the video. I have copied and pasted CTA at the and of the blog, so I will definitely try Reusable blocks. Then place the tool bar on top and learn shortcuts. I like Table blocks but hope that the format can be changeable a bit more though.

    I feel like I am one of the very small number of people who use Gutenberg over other page builders but I like the simplicity of it. I hope that Gutenberg will become more powerful in the future!

  2. Tech with things

    about how much does it take for a website to update? because i have clicked on update now and it is taking a lot of time in updating…. the last line is;
    "Copying the required files…"

    and my website is showing this message:
    There has been a critical error on your website.

    so is it okay?

  3. Thank you for this helpful video. Are all the choices on the classic editor available in the new editor?

  4. Does Gutenberg work on WooCommerce product page?

  5. How do you align a button if you don't want it on the left, but center or right aligned?

  6. Food For Thought

    good tutorial. please am having trouble using the Gutenberg plugin on the post grid and post list block. I cant seem to optimize it well for the mobile view. i will really like a helping factor on that part

  7. Marian Kicklighter

    Thank you for another great tutorial!

  8. Where do I find this new editor? I'm working on a client website, I can't find it. Gutenberg is installed

  9. good stuff! get your gutenberg on peeps

  10. heard embedding may get more difficult for FB and IG very soon + is this true? do you have a fix or workaround?

  11. i installed gutenberg newest version 9.1.1, but there is no author in my editor. what should i do? is it bug or not?

  12. Lisa Thornbury

    This was super helpful. Thanks so much!

  13. I've checked out some other Gutenberg tutorials and this was the best. I've used classic WP for years but just set up a dev Gutenberg site. I was most impressed by the new tables features. In classic WP I had to build and paste in html and it still never looked great. Gutenberg looks very promising! Thanks for posting.

  14. Hi, I've added an affiliate image through the shortcode block but the image is aligned left. How do i align the shortcode block in gutenberg?

  15. With this you don't need any built in page builders with your themes

  16. Ivan Mladenović

    What about site speed? Which editor has better performance?

  17. francisco salazar

    What a great tutorial…thanks a lot!

  18. Very helpful because simple & well explained. Good for a beginner like me. keep the good work. Thank you

  19. fantastic tutorial thanks so much.

  20. Life On The Mediterranean

    I had classic installed and now I'm seeing that my Text editor does not work. Only the visual editor. Any idea why? And, is there a way to duplicate an article so that I can play around with it without messing up my original article, if that makes sense. It performs well and I don't want to mess it up but I want to improve it. And then how do I copy it back into the original post? Thank you.

  21. This was very helpful. Thanks so much!

  22. Easy to understand. Thank you!

  23. Do I need to remove elementor if I use this? Bcz when I click edit post the window opens I see blocks on the left and on the middle there’s Edit with elementor….. so if I click any block it does appear , it doesn’t do anything

  24. I am having issues with uploading multiple images at once in a post. If a post contains 20+ images then I have to create 20 image blocks and make settings like align center. I would like to know if there is any way to batch upload images in a post and then adjust them where they belong????

  25. On Contract Only Live & Virtual

    Can I just type everything I want or bring in a Word document and use block editor to modify the document? I find it very distracting to insert different blocks while I write.

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