WordPress Blog with Elementor Full Tutorial for 2020 – A Customizable Personal Blog

My WordPress Blog Tutorial for 2020. With the methods that I am showing you in this video you can create a wordpress blog without having to customize a theme.

The resources page for this video: https://livingwithpixels.com/resources/healthy-blog-tutorial/

Timestamps for the video
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:12 Overview of what we are going to build
00:01:21 What makes this technique better
00:03:55 Understanding what you are going to build
00:06:09 Installing WordPress & Basic setup
00:14:15 Activating Elementor & Elementor Pro
00:17:08 Prepare our visual styles
00:25:05 Building the header & menu with a template
00:41:06 The blogpost list
00:53:25 The sidebar
01:11:19 The category page
01:13:58 The blogpost page
01:21:01 The footer (with Instagram connection)
01:26:53 A few more details (Home page settings & Site icon)
01:29:29 The featured posts & Bonus step (blogpost list layout)
01:33:51 Email subscribe form
01:35:49 The contact page

→ Software that I use
Hosting & Domain provider I use on all my websites: https://www.siteground.com/go/lwp-youtube
Elementor Free version (download link): https://elementor.com/thankyou/?ref=4590&campaign=download
Elementor Pro (all 3 packages have the same features, I have the $199 one): https://elementor.com/pricing/?ref=4590&campaign=youtube
The whole list of software that I recommend: https://livingwithpixels.com/links/

→ Hardware that I use for videos
Macbook Pro 13 inch: https://amzn.to/2LUjDbG
Camera: RX100 Mark 3: https://amzn.to/2qQlqag
Microphone: Zoom H1: https://amzn.to/2tgTI7r
Mini Tripod (for the mic): https://amzn.to/2PJiODD

→ Helpful for beginner
How to Install Elementor and WordPress. Watch: https://youtu.be/SKyoKk9T4g4
Elementor Beginners Tutorial. Watch: https://youtu.be/E15iQEm9KF8

→ My social media
Instagram Livingwithpixels: https://www.instagram.com/livingwithpix/
Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rinodeboer/

Some of the above links are affiliate links, which means that I earn a commission when you make a purchase via my link. Thanks a lot if you decide to do that! I couldn’t make all these videos without it.

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  1. LivingWithPixels

    For everyone that can't find the "Theme styler" like I have in this video. It's now called "Site settings", but it's just (almost) the exact same thing. Global settings for your whole website.

  2. Amazing! This is the best wordpress tutorial on youtube! Thank you.

  3. Your tutorials are great! Thank you!

  4. U r awesome. I could make it only because if u. U r doing great job! Thank u for being there

  5. following your tutorial, I made this site rashmihealthydiet.com

  6. sir can you make this type of projects in WordPress with free or paid theme link under mentioned.??


  7. Jens Verschelden

    @LivingWithPixels Great info, how did you get a free website and have the possibility to instal plugins? i thought this was only possible with the business plan

  8. Hi Rino, thanks for the video, this is exactly what I have been looking for! One minor thing, however, I don't seem to have the option to duplicate a page on WordPress. Is there another way to do this?

  9. Hey, wonderful tutorial. I would like to see how to create a newspaper layout with Elementor Theme. I believe is similar like this one, you did. Thanks, bless from New York.

  10. Thank you for this great tutorial video sir! , may I ask on how did you make your custom menu?

  11. Hi Rino! Can you do a video on how to create a dynamic slider for feature posts?

  12. Is this possible to make with just the free version of Elementor?

  13. ADOBE XD / SKETCH to ELEMENTOR – Wins every day in my book. It's the future. Make videos on that will ya mate?

  14. גל לוגסי

    this video is amazing. i am so happy i find it. and you 🙂 do you have a video about how to create our own loops? thank you so much

  15. Shaikha AlAbry

    Where do you get your images ,, they r so clear 🙂

  16. dope ass drilla ice vanilla

    I was following this tutorial to make an old website look better. I can't add the header in the theme builder it requires elementor pro. And I would buy elementor pro..but it requires a credit card only. I have a debit card only. I have reached at 27:05 timestamp and I am stuck, how do I go back to my previous stage?

  17. You failed with Elementor PRO when I can always get hundreds of themes for free.

  18. Elizabeth Blake

    My settings display 8 posts per page. How do I get the option to view previous pages for the same category? I have it set up correctly on single posts (the navigation buttons) but with an actual page on my menu for a category of blog posts, it only displays the last 8 and there is no way to view previous posts from the same category. Please help! You are so helpful, this video is much appreciated.

  19. Really good tutorial, best of the best, following you!!

  20. Ellis Jaspers-Pisters

    I was so overwhelmed and frustrated by WordPress that I wanted to quit and outsource and then I saw your tutorial and I thought, well last try to do this myself. Now in 1 day I have the website lay-out and functions that I wanted. Now all that is left is copy-paste my blog posts from Blogger to my website (bit of frustration with the images next to the text, but it will be ok). Thank you so much for your very clear tutorial and your resources!

  21. To make a blog with elementor pro is not a big deal everyone can do that to make a nice blog with nice grids and design with simple elementor culd be a skill i am waiting for tha

  22. Extremely good video. I learned more here than in some courses.

    Is there a possibility that you can get here (https://youtu.be/F9UBPbsZ2Rs?t=3936) a link to blog articles in a certain category here? I've tried dynamic attributes. However, that doesn't seem to work.

  23. James Moscovar

    Thank you very much!! it's excellent! Could you do something for people who struggle with image sizes and also color matches? How do I determine the size of an image base on where I will display it?

  24. Hey there! This has been SUCH a help! I'm just struggling with the Loop plugin… I added it, edited it… It looks great in the Elementor editor but doesn't exist on my live site. I'm editing the Elementor template home page too, so I'm not sure what's wrong!

  25. Can this website be translated into 2 two languages?

  26. SEO Jiten - Guide to SEO & Freelancing

    This is the best video about elementor till date

  27. Don L McCartney

    Excellent job. Very informative.

  28. Jenny Stancampiano

    Can someone please help me? I now have a beautiful website that's completely useless to me because I can't enable comments. I'm very confused. There must be a way!

  29. stealthbusiness

    Excellent tutorial! Thank you for putting all this information together.

  30. Outstanding Video! Love it and used almost all your tips on my own website. Love to explore all the other videos on your channel

  31. Please make video of each widget explained. And thanks for this blog website design, it's awesome.

  32. Hi Rino, thank you for the fantastic video. You create amazing tutorials. Quick question, for my blog posts, instead of having a featured image I would like to add a featured video. Is this possible using custom skins? Thanks in advance.

  33. sorry, i can't find the category part about query 🙁

  34. great informative videos. very valuable thanks

  35. Andreas Wagner

    You are King ❤️

  36. thanks, great video

  37. Thank you for this video.It answered so many questions and you have a great gift of being able to teach and talk at the same time so that I could follow the instructions. I didn't have any issues with my site until I got to the Blog Page and then when you clicked on an article to open it up to it's own page, mine is not behaving like yours. Here is my link to my website and maybe you could let me know where I should look to fix this annoying issue. Now, I will say that I started this website a long time ago and just the past few days while watching your video, I revamped it a lot. Thanks for that too!

    So, if you click on the post link (I only have one post thus far) and it takes you to it's own page that is where the issue comes in.

  38. somebody please give this folk a beer he deserves it

  39. Far far far tooooooooooo fast for someone trying to set up a blog for the first time. Even stopping it and recapping what was said doesn't help.

  40. Really a very good video .can you make videos on customizations.

  41. Jenny Stancampiano

    This video has so many positive comments- people are really happy which makes me thinks there's some way to have comments on blog posts. I built a beautiful website following these instructions but without a comment section I can't use it. So, so sad! Can someone please advise me? i'm going to have to start all over again with a different tutorial : ( : ( : (

  42. Chelsea Pickering

    Amazing! I'm creating a full website but used this knowledge to create the blog post page on my website. It looks so good! Thank you very much!

  43. Cristian Gheonea

    for local development localwp does an amazing job. https://localwp.com/

  44. laura van der velden

    this is absolutely fantastic, thankyou so so much !

  45. 1:09:35
    So, can I have different sidebars in different blog posts depending on the category I want it in?

  46. Michael Frymus

    If I am only using the free version of Elementor, I can still do all this? Or is anything going to limit me?
    I would rather avoid buying, but if needed, I can buy the 1 website package. But not sure if I need it…

  47. Man…you rule…this is exactly the kind of video beginners want to see…
    Especially that pars with loops, dynamic staff. and so on..

    Better than Fred these days..psss don't tell him that 🙂

  48. My Mom's Recipe Box

    This tutorial has been an absolute lifesaver, thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into creating it! I have watched it many times and have built my website right alongside the steps in the tutorial. Right now I am working on my footer and have a question about replacing the Instagram feed with a YouTube feed. I found the appropriate YouTube feed Smash Balloon plugin, but I can't get it to display thumbnails of individual videos in a gallery-style layout similar to what you create for the Instagram feed. Is this possible? I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks again for such an amazing video!

  49. Michael Frymus

    When youre doing your theme style typography, I don't get it, nothing changes to my fonts. The only changes I see is size, everything else like the thickness, colour, etc. doesn't do anything.

    Update: You have to disable the default settings. A little message pops up telling you to disable it

  50. A cool woocomerce with elementor and astra would be great , and even better if you tell us how to integrate google analytics of facebook pixels

  51. Jenny Stancampiano

    Okay, maybe there's an easier way to do this but what I figured out is that you can't use Rino's template for the blog post page if you want comments. I imported a different template for just that page, but was still able to use my same header, footer, and sidebar so it looks just like the rest of the blog. Other than that detail, this video is really great. The blog is beautiful.

  52. Congrats for this video..
    Lots of juice!!!

  53. is it absolutely necessary to purchase elementor?

  54. My social icons and share icons do not work. When I put them in, they arent visible.
    For my social buttons I had to use the icons instead. But if I want to have share buttons, I cant do that – they arent visible.

    Update: Apparently its because I had an adblocker enabled.

  55. Suzanne Sommerville

    Real simple SSL plugin activated but I have a "detected possible certificate issues" message. What do I do now?

  56. Hi,
    You are really amazing, I can't imagine how many times I searched for a good tutorial on Elementor, but none of them are really as good as this one.
    Thank you very much.. this is just amazing.

  57. Med Ayoub ALOUANE

    Thank you so much for your effort

  58. Emmanuela Anderle

    Hi, why don't we work on the child theme? anyway, u r awesome, u really hepled me

  59. Henstra Design

    The Instagram plugin won't let you switch accounts. Other than that, you're tutorial is fantastic! One of the best out there!

  60. Best video tutorials EVER! Finally, no more learning how to do something, forgetting how to do it, and trying to remember where I learned it. Thank you Rino for being current and for wanting ideas about what tutorials to do next. I'm jumping back and forth between your woocommerce videos, the margins and padding video, and this one, and I'll tell you it's been the best way for me to learn. Understanding margins/paddings, sections and inner sections is crucial to everything. While I'm here, I will mention that before I found you, I gave up on Elementor for a while after watching someone else's video. I set up my heading typography, but had wide gaps between my lines. I realized while watching this video, my mistake had been not changing the "em" to pixels. I use Photoshop all the time, so know what pixels are, but don't have a clue what "em" is, so for anyone else making tutorials out there, my uneducated tip is to make sure your viewers know how important that is to the layout of a website. Thank you Rino for the time you put into these videos. You are a wonderful teacher.

  61. Amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!

  62. thanks bro…. that video help me lot

  63. Thanks so much! All experts out there: I created my posts and my post template; however, it seems they are not linked. The post still appear without the created template design. What's my mistake? (I use ocean wp). Thanks so much in advance!

  64. Philip Bissiwu

    Best tutorial

  65. Michael Frymus

    Okay, back to this video again as I have an issue.
    I created a big chunk of my website with Hello Elementor, and I love it.
    But, if I am doing a lot of blogging, apparently Glutenberg is what I want to use for my blog posts – BUT, Glutenberg does not work with Hello Elementor.
    If I will be doing blog posts on a regular, wouldn't I want to use Glutenberg??

  66. Richard Van de Moosdijk

    Just a question about SSL certificate: before activating the Really Simple SSL plugin some warning messages are displayed like "Références HTTP dans vos fichiers .css et .js : modifiez n’importe quel http:// en //" etc. If i need to do that, it'll be a huge work as there are tons of css and js files, but most of the time "http://…" texts appear in comments. Can i ignore those warnings as you did in the video? (but your site is empty while mine has been on-line for years now.
    Thank you!

  67. Thankyou so much, it's so helpful

  68. This is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks a lot.

  69. Markus Feldmann

    I have configured the Single Post Theme Builder and my posts. Unfortunately, when I click on the posts, everything is messed up and not how it should look like according to the Theme Builder. Anyone any advice?

    Thanks in advance!

  70. Best tutorial ever seen. Thanks for this video. Nice job

  71. Concious Being

    The Best Website Making Video on YOUTUBE Right Now in 2020 Rino you're the Man! Who saved Us Yo!

  72. I'm trying to add the feature loop and I keep getting an error " Sorry, the content area was not found in your page. You must call "the_content" function in the current template in order for Elementor to work on this page." This is before I load your JSON. Any suggestions? I love this video – watched it 100 times!

  73. Such an amazing video! Thank you so much brother!

  74. Amazing tutorial!
    Keep up the good work.

  75. Ruben van de Par

    Rino, Top Tutorial thnx! Toch heb ik een vraagje. Ik heb een dropdownmenu gemaakt maar het pijltje wilt niet zichtbaar worden. Weet jij waarom dat is? Zie submenu onder "Blogs" https://bladgroentje.nl/

  76. Can I have your email address or anywhere I can reach out to you

  77. Hi great video. I have a question, I keep getting an error when adding the feature loop. It says "Sorry, the content area was not found in your page. You must call "the_content" , Any idea why this happens?

  78. Brandon Alexander

    HELP: When I make changes to my template, the pages I have created using this template do not reflect the changes made. Do you have any suggestions for how to fix this? Cheers!

  79. Lucas Rivellini

    Great and clear explanation, thanks Rino!! I know the Elementor's ability to save templates for later use is included in the PRO version, right? by any chance do you know of a free plugin to cover this loss in the Elementor's free version?

  80. If I made website using elementor for clients then do they have to pay per month for elementor..??

  81. Hi Rino, Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Just a quick question. Why do you have to install the Elementor FREE (and not the Pro directly)?

  82. Santiago Cardoso

    Great video; great value. Thank you Santiago Cardoso (Mexico)

  83. Marlessia Rioux

    Hello, What steps can you take if you installed under Elementor Pro the blog templates to "all singular" instead of "all blog pages"? It changed all the pages on my website. How can I get back to my settings before I installed the template? I tried the revision setting under history but it didn't change. Thank you…

  84. Hi! WordPress is not free… :/ It's not true anymore. I can install elementor after i choose a business plan.

  85. what software are you using for the wireframe/design you go in and out of? 🙂

  86. My fonts just wont change. I even turned it off in the settings of wordpress. Dont know whats going on

  87. I tried to follow, but my elementor is totaly different. Do i change the normal text under Global settings?

  88. Charlie's Black Forest

    Subscribed immediately!

  89. Great video, thankyou very much for taking the time to share your knowledge with us all!
    One question I have is regarding the sample page on the category bar, can this be deleted once

  90. Jeremy Sakamaki

    Thank you so much man

  91. I had an issue with mine, for SSL, in the control panel for the SSL settings, the mixed content filter was turned on. Although the SSL was active. this was causing my site to still come up as unsafe.

  92. Great video bro, after watching many elementor vids, I just love what you did here. Thank you

  93. Best tutoríal ever!!! Thank you very much. You.ve got a subscribir for Life.

  94. stuck on the custom loop section now, cant seem to get to create the loop as I must call the content for Elementor to work.

  95. Just wandering if you could make websites and projects of professional looking websites using elementor. like https://mailchimp.com/ is it possible to create sites likes too, would be very nice if you could make a project on that

  96. Thank you sir

  97. Dilini Tharaka

    Thank you soo much, I transformed my boring looking website into somethig amazing❤❤❤❤❤

  98. Sammantha Pisciotta

    I don't think I'd have a functioning site without your help! This was by far the most useful video out there. Thank you so much and keep making content like this!

  99. Peter Lammersma

    Hi Rhino, geweldige uitleg! Ik zit al je Elementor video's te kijken, bijzonder nuttig. Ik heb echter een vraag. Ik wil meer informatie over auteurs van blogs tot mijn beschikking hebben. Zaken als een social media accounts en profiel informatie. Ik vind dat Elementor daar niet heel scheutig is. Welke plugin zou jij adviseren?

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