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  1. Video kaisa laga zaroor batana!
    I have consolidated some of the best discussion videos in a single playlist! Miss mat karna –
    Is playlist ko dekhne ke baad kaafi doubts clear hoyenge jaise ki:
    1. Coding kaha se shuru karein?
    2. Coding jobs kaise paayein?
    3. Coding se paise kaise kamayein?
    4. Coding me konsi language ka kya scope hai?

  2. WordPress ki playlist nahi mili, pls share the Link…

  3. Harry bhai, bahut achha…❤️❤️❤️

  4. Rajesh Kumar Singh

    Harry i really liked your videos

  5. Thanks for this video. Thoroughly explained. It was much required for me. I have just started WordPress and was confused about why WordPress and not html/css/javascript.

  6. best ❤️

  7. sleep on money

    Bro i know html css js material design etc. But i dont know how to put a server or make a website for client. Like with coding. Wat shall i do

  8. Mustaqim Ahmed

    vi apki jesi insan youtube pe or vi agar hotee to kitna accha hota, Allah apki accha karee/ God bless you and your family . kitna accha baacheko janam diya.

  9. wordpress vs wix???

  10. Haris khan is real name of our inspiration

  11. Use babiato for premium plugin

  12. Krishnajay Gupta

    Harry bai suppose maine ek website design kiya by using Html,css and javascript to use internet pe kaise upload kare

  13. Harry bhaia,

    Please bana do aur video is format ki.
    Thank you bhaia

  14. Ham agr kisi cheej ke bare me Sochte hai … ye bnda us pr video bna hi deta hai

  15. Taimur Hussain

    To the point 'RIP WordPress Designers & Developers'

  16. Rajkumar Rupapara

    Kya baat hey harry bhai me aapse hi motivation leke video banataa hooo …meri bhi channel hey coding mesh

  17. It was an amazing video bro i have no idea about coding and software nothing but it was an interesting video i watched it and now i wanna start learning the wordpress hope so I’ll be able to learn thanks men☺️

  18. Arshdeep Singh

    Bhai kitne msg krte rehte hai aapko aap reply hi nhi krte

  19. Abhijeet Chaturvedi

    I want to be a hacker

  20. ji aapka hindi me samjhana aacha lagta hai

  21. Free Fire Association of Bihar

    Ha sir chahiya

  22. Altamash Sikandar

    This video was very much helpful for me. Thanks u alot for making such video.

  23. WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites, including 33.6% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2019, WordPress is one of the most popular content management system solutions in use. WordPress has also been used for other application domains such as pervasive display systems (PDS). 2019 data

  24. MOHITKUMAR #Eng.

    Bilkul chaiye

  25. Padmashree Shelke

    Thnx sir, helpful video

  26. Raghavendra Laxmeshwar

    This video is most helpful for me… thank you, Sir Jee…!

  27. Rajat Gupta Super Coder

    wordpress full tutorial bro

  28. Rajat Gupta Super Coder

    plss make wordpress complete playlist

  29. Harry bhai ap reply hi nahi krty. Please reply Kia karo

  30. Such a great teacher you're..

  31. WordPress ka use kar ke drag and drop wale code mil sakte hai kya??
    Please reply me

  32. The fact is new commers in this website development industry thinks that there are so many cool stuffs that developers already make so why wasting time making these stuffs again lets use them with wordpress but the important point they missing is they will loose chance of experience we get while coding these cool stuffs.
    Infact if you want to get hired you need to have coding skills…

  33. arshdeep singh

    bilkul chahiye aur videos in topics par

  34. yrr… what is the benifinit of learning coding

  35. Your video is helpful but plz make a video on wordpress html,css,php file customisation.because in my office i don't no how to edit or customize css files which is present on server

  36. Sir please make video on blog SEO

  37. level

  38. You are genius bro

  39. Nooman Raza Khan

    Bro but u r not accepting my Instagram request

  40. Rajat Gupta Super Coder

    lss make wordpress complete playlist

  41. I need an attitude like you in this life

  42. Harry bhai you are great

  43. What if elementor break down

  44. Madhusudhan Gondakar

    Can we monetize custom website

  45. Babidul hassan

    Bhai apka video bahat kam ki hai aur..bahati pasnd ata hai
    Maine apka video dekhke..html,css,java script ka knowledge le raha hoon❤❤

  46. WordPress vedio chahiye sir series me

  47. Thanks Harry Sir…
    — Harsh Balolia
    An Active Viewer and Subscriber of @CodeWithHarry

  48. Kundan KUmar yadav.

    Ak dam SAhi Hai.

  49. very good explained!!

  50. sir apki height kitni hai

  51. Aditya Gupta - Tumhara Apna Yaar

    He sounds and looks like carry

  52. React pe series laao Bhaiya

  53. great sir..

  54. Jitendranath Tudu

    Honestly speaking!! You always seemed very irritating to me because of your voice, so I always used to skip/ avoid your videos. BUT after watching this video I am kinda impressed and glad to get your videos in my feeds. I hope you upload this kind of videos more, as a lot of students gets confused about the roadmap according to their interests.

  55. Jignesh Chaudhary

    Please be working like this .thank you sir

  56. Nice, yes we need more this type of video

  57. Thank you so much for pointing out the differences.



  59. If you're a baby: WordPress
    If you're a grown entity: Code

  60. Bhai muje website bnane me interst h , or mene apk domain or blogger pe conent b dale h par apk upload krte hi file hosting se delete ho jata h , muje apkdone or apkmos ka token button bnana h kese , kya ik video me explayion de skte ho , playposter wordpress theme ka bhi review dena bhai plz

  61. Sir, we can bulid design using wordpress, copy source code and than customise it by using advance HTML CSS

  62. most useful videos, we must learn both…

  63. Oh My God! I was looking for this video.
    Thanks Harry sir, Love you.



  65. Maach International

    I am not getting words to praise you . I am speechless . You are marvellous .

  66. Pratibha Barnwal

    Where can I get real freelance work.. please suggest, I need projects for WordPress website designing. I can make responsive blogging, e-commerce, news kind of websites…

  67. Tech with ratnesh

    harry bhai site banane ke bad me bhi hosting laga hai kya


    wordpress me coding hothee ha wordpress me drag drop builder ke lye module development karnaa parthaa ha built theme plugin ke backend per coding are exist and backend developer

  69. Dude awesome.
    you removed my confusion. Thanks

  70. Bhai dekhte vacat WordPress ki add aa gai

  71. Amazing idea you gave, thanks God bless you

  72. Nefrate Nightcores

    All confusions cleared!

  73. Harry bahi maza a gya

  74. Shreyansh Gandhi XD 30

    Yeah we want more videos on this topic

  75. Anyone know how he has knowledge of all these things

  76. chakshit gunidia

    thank you

  77. Bhushan Pandey

    WordPress is not good.

  78. lakshminarayana nimmani


  79. Unleash Your Skills

    Hats off

  80. Please, make video on plugin development

  81. Raktimjyoti Sarma

    Which language doesn't he know????

  82. Tusshar Sharma

    I'm agree with you, but wordpress has a lot functions that is really must and this take time you can't cover all the things in just 4 days, woocommerce, book an appointment, SEO, and many many functionality have to learn if you really want be a successful wordpress developer.

  83. Tauseef Yaseen

    Best Video.. Thanks, All the answers of my questions are in your video. God bless you….

  84. Drashty vaghela

    Hello sir
    If we are not interested in coding then WordPress is benificial for us ?

  85. you got a point but belive me I've build at least 70 client websites from WordPress and they're happy with it, i don't know about the data leakage though gotta check that

  86. tom and jerry memes

    Ninja form use karo

  87. Sir what about doing freelancing only with WordPress during college

  88. Choghoree Karakorm

    Very informative video… thanks

  89. Sir you are the Best
    Hope apke jLD se jLD 1 Million ho jaaye…!!!!

  90. You are best techer:
    1) Best logical
    explanation of topic
    Salute to you

  91. Harry Bhai is Best
    Love you 3000

  92. Sir Can i create search system in html website how to search system work in html

  93. I am creating own wordpress html usng html css js only since April.

  94. Code by youself is best

  95. yes make these types of vids

  96. It really helped out. Thankyou!

  97. After using WordPress for 2 months I felt I was missing something amazing , Yes it was the joy and the adventure I used to get while coding !
    So wordpress is good but writing code makes me feel my presence …..

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