We Competed With Rise Of Mobile Games | 1K Subscribers Special ✨ Bus Simulator Ultimate Multiplayer

We did it together!
My channel has reached 1000 subscribers. Together we will reach more subscribers. You have always been with me and supported me. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE.

I prepared a surprise video for you in honor of my 1000 subscribers.
In this video, I raced a bus with RMG.

As I promised, I will present a 1-year Bus Simulator Ultimate Multiplayer subscription to one of you.
The draw will be held soon.
I have a request from you in this regard; People participating in the lottery DM me from my Instagram account.
I will post a photo and you will write a comment there and we will choose the winner with an Instagram draw.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate Bus Race :

With Rise Of Mobile Games Bus Race :

I love simulation games. My favorite game among simulation games is Bus Simulator: Ultimate Multiplayer.
Rise Of Mobile Games also loves car games like me.
He is my brother
I love playing Mobile Games.
The best among mobile games is Bus Simulator: Ultimate. Although the Bus Simulator Ultimte Multiplayer feature is paid, it has been very popular. A game compatible with Android and iOS devices. My favorite simulator game is Bus Simulator Ultimate Multiplayer. I liked the feature of modifying the bus. The wheels of the bus burst, the engine fails. This is really nice. Mobile games can be played in high graphics recently. Mobile games are played more because computer prices are high. Google Play Store and AppStore are full of millions of mobile games. He started to stand out on my channel among YouTube gaming channels. You can help me grow my channel by subscribing to my channel. My Followers usually India, Turkey, UK, USA, Brazil and Mexico are coming from. I appreciate you. I love you all.

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APP STORE : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bus-simulator-ultimate

GOOGLE PLAY STORE : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zuuks.bus.simulator.ultimate&hl=tr

Do you like the bus skin?
The buses of football teams are racing.
Bus Simulator Ultimate mobile game has witnessed such a moment for the first time.
I had a lot of fun shooting the video, I hope you enjoy watching it too.
I love bus racing. And I’m a very good bus racer.
If you want to compete with me, send me a DM from my Instagram address.
Bus Simulator Ultimate Multiplayer game is an awesome game. Playing multiplayer is great fun.
Unfortunately Bus Simulator Multiplayer paid game.
If Bus Simulator Ultimate free Multiplayer is released, I think more people will play this game.
Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel. I love you all.

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