Top 5 FREE & Best WordPress Themes

I’ve personally installed and tested a TON of free WordPress themes since I first started and these 5 are the BEST of the BEST for 2019! I rated these themes based on ease of use, clean design, and customization to help you select the one that will most fit your needs! However, I highly recommend going with a paid theme if you want to get serious with your website. You have A LOT more customization options and preset options to help you design some insane stuff. Hope you enjoy the video!

Just in case, here’s my video on the Top 10 Premium Themes:

Top 5 FREE & Best WordPress Themes | 2019:
1. Hestia Theme:

2. Ocean WP Theme:
(Don’t forget to download the ELEMENTOR plugin)

3. Optimizer Theme:

4. Mesmerize Theme:

5. Shapely Theme:


Top 5 Best Free WordPress Themes for Beginners

How to Make a Website From Scratch 2018 (Hestia Theme):

How to Create an Online Store 2018 (Ocean WP Theme):


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  1. What's the best free theme for blogging?

  2. Thank u so much i really was looking for something like this thanks a lot ☺

  3. Pangalang Jasona

    This guy is amazing. High quality, genuine and awesome content. I watched kids of your videos and a subscriber. I love EVERYTHING you do. Please keep up the good, no…awesome work. Thanks so much brother.

  4. Thanks for caring for the animals.

  5. Woah! Nice review , love all the themes i need to build website for a client i think I'll make use of all the themes not so good with wordpress yet but just watchin you review shows i can move mountains with the little understanding of wordpres

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  7. Mary-Anne Passaportis

    Thanks so much. This video was very helpful! Unfortunately for some reason I can't download your 5th Shapely theme. The link takes me to the download page but it's doing nothing when I click on the download tab. Do you know why this is the case? Thank you so much.

  8. You are awesome.
    Is it free for commercial use after customization of all content?

  9. Bart Buitenhuis

    No additional CSS options???

  10. What is the deference between page builder n theme n can two themes be use on one website at the same time?

  11. Ilyas Chaudhary

    thanks for customization…

  12. Rahul Sharma Fine Art

    Dale thank you deeply for another fabulous video. So helpful to a novice like myself, you are a true guru. All of your tutorials are outstanding, simple to follow and the most in depth.

    This video was published in 2018, can I ask in your opinion is hestia still number 1 in 2020 for a free theme?

    As an artist I'm trying to pick a theme but getting confused with all the themes out there.

    Was thinking of Hestia, Enfold or Divi?

    Look forward to your reply.



  13. Shelton Belasco

    wow! you are good, like your stuff.

  14. Charlotte Szivak

    Thanks Great video! What are your thoughts on the Neveda theme?

  15. Ashekun Nur Hossain

    thanks a lot for this video…

  16. Great info !

  17. Oh so You don’t have to use elementor with every theme?
    Also what do you think snotty gema theme please – I’m just doing research

  18. Hi, I cannot find any of those themes in WP when I search. What am I doing wrong?

  19. I believe it was the best collection, I have a Review site ( I think it will also help your viewers to get the best free theme. Thank You.

  20. Dorothée Däster

    It is awesome to make and create!! I need some help because my finished website is not secured anymore with the lock?! What did I do wrong?
    Any advise is great.

  21. Is it possible to use Elementor with all of these themes?

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  25. D. B. Cooper

  26. Muthukumar Ravi

    Thank you so much bro. its really useful to me to start my basic website. can you suggest theme for educational website

  27. Podemos hablar?, soy desarrollador web y tengo una plantilla de WordPress que quiero regalarte

  28. Hey, can you please suggest a good theme for health blog?

  29. Albert Prabowo

    thank you for the review, great info.. Since i am new in wordpress world, may i know which theme as above you mention is support to install other plug in such as mailchimp, facebook pixel, etc for e-commerce digital marketing purpose? thank you in advance

  30. Estauri Rodriguez

    i liked ocean wp, ill give it a chance and tell u what later!

  31. Is Elementor free?

  32. i think hestia will do the job for me,but lets see. Great review.thanks

  33. انشرها! share it!

    tnx a lot for your video it so nice, i m new in youtube and websites , i think your videos will be positive for me it so simple and short,and that what people needs to day.go a head and keep in the top

  34. Thanks for the list and for your clear explanation. I am wanting to set up a website on WordPress for an English teaching program. It needs to have a calendar to show available lesson times. Which one of the 5 themes do you think would work well with such a calendar?

  35. 1:39 Hey thats racist

  36. Avada is the best premium theme .
    Check it :

  37. Avada is the best premium theme .
    Check it reviews and if you like than buy it
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  38. Travel and life with Roaz

    Hey!! Thank you I changed my theme to Hestia. I love it.

  39. Mayank Goswami

    Really insightful video, I have also added some of the best WordPress free theme for blogging. Do give it a read :-

  40. Obafemi Beatrice

    Wow, thanks for my health size can I go with hestia

  41. Abhimanyu Katkar


  42. What an amazing video Dale!

  43. Superb

  44. Loooorrrrveed it brother ! This is what content should be ! Not like – take up my course for 97$and i will tell you the stuff !! we have a lot of upselling all around the place ! You did great GOD BLESS

  45. Just amazing

  46. تقنيتي Taknity

    i chose opimizer and its amazing

  47. Hi, do you have an update for 2020?

  48. richard abrahams

    Excellent review – thanks so much

  49. Majharul Islam ASIF - 57


  50. Avowed Independent

    Please, do you know any free cool theme I can use for a small church? A theme that can do live stream, post 30 minutes videos and take donations, etc.

  51. Thanks this is really useful.

    Do you have any idea why I don't have the theme Hestia?

  52. Get free premium version wordpress theme here:

  53. Mazen Elkorashy

    Want free premium wordpress themes?

  54. In Hestia, can we not change the main header image in the free version of the theme?


    Thank you

  56. Damian Winchester

    Love Hestia theme 10/10

  57. BlueRock- Sales Team

    We have unlimited Themes

  58. WordPress Premium themes & plugins er Jonno join Korte Paren Amader FB group a.

  59. What are your thoughts in 2020? Would you still recommend Hestia? What about Astra or Kadence?

  60. Strong Programmer

    Great video, do you think shapely is good for blogging?

  61. Great! have been working with ocean wp & elementor, Great videos!

  62. Shane Hetherington

    I'm about to rock out that Hestia plugin! Great breakdown my dude!

  63. Hey! what kind of lamp are you using behind you! it looks so amazing like a Halo

  64. Does all of those website themes support LearnDash MLS?

  65. almost broke my thumb tryna smash that subscribe button

  66. Please try our theme WooVina, we have 30+ free templates (built with WordPress, Elementor, WooCommerce and WooVina theme):

  67. there are no images showing in any theme I use. What is wrong? 🙁

  68. Is ist possible to delete the overall picture in the background? it is pretty diffecult to read the text with picture in background

  69. Good evening sir i was trying to install colorlib free themes but one same error occurred all the time i.e " the package could not be installed. the theme is missing the style.css stylesheet." please help why it is coming so….

  70. I like oceanwp but will check out Hestia. Thanks

  71. This was incredibly an exquisite implementation of your ideas, and if you need Free WordPress Theme <a href="">visit us!</a>

  72. No mention of Astra ?

  73. You need to pay for elementor to be able to add a comment section.

  74. tazammul ismail

    Educational free theme for wordpress

  75. Zabihulla Kasimi

    Off course you can basically change everything by editing the css file 🙂

  76. Which is the best theme to start a blog. It will be web tutorials and training blog.

  77. super duper way of presentation. Love the style.

  78. You are making great videos dude!

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  80. Víctor Manuel Arreola Realtor and Life Coach

    Any web design for nonprofit organization? Thank you very good information for beginners like me

  81. Hi, I do great designs for you in wordpress

  82. Your Marketing Ninja

    Divi the most popular WordPress theme in the world. you can choose it for your any kind of website.

  83. Thanks for sharing this, it is quite insightful

  84. Nishant Yagnick

    Great video. Just like the themes you mentioned, your video was clean and user friendly

  85. The theme is best i using this,

    Porto | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme

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  89. choose Astra,,, ?>>>> nice video, There are many types of web sites you can benefit from

  90. Thank you my friend….very usefull, especially mesmerize:)

  91. i cant find the Hestia in the options or search on I have premium. I am just not good at this… rather clueless.

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  93. Sandrah Anzanah

    Thanks. We all have our personal favorites. I found these free wp themes and plugins by accident on wordpresstar .com – by the way I liked & subscribed!!! Great channel.

  94. The music in the background is really fucking annoying. Just stop that.

  95. Lekh Narayan Tandekar

    WordPress Free Themes Daily Posted Free

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