The Top 10 WordPress Plugins for the end of 2020

The top 10 Plugins for WordPress that everybody can use on their WordPress website.

Here are the names (so you can copy them and find them yourself):

Rank Math SEO
Duplicate Page
Post Types Order
ManageWP – Worker (my tutorial:
Antispam Bee
iThemes Security
Elementor Custom Skin
Custom Post Type UI
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Image Optimizer

And of course Elementor:
My Basics video about the Free version:
My Basics video about the Pro version:
Elementor Free version (download link):
Elementor Pro (all 3 packages have the same features, I have the $199 one):
Hosting & Domain provider I use on all my websites:
The whole list of software that I recommend:

→ Hardware that I use for videos
Macbook Pro 13 inch:
Camera: RX100 Mark 3:
Microphone: Zoom H1:
Mini Tripod (for the mic):

→ Helpful for beginner
How to Install Elementor and WordPress. Watch:
Elementor Beginners Tutorial. Watch:
Elementor Pro Beginners Tutorial. Watch:

→ My social media
Instagram Livingwithpixels:
Personal Instagram:

Some of the above links are affiliate links, which means that I earn a commission when you make a purchase via my link. Thanks a lot if you decide to do that! I couldn’t make all these videos without it.

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  1. elementor is too buggy after 3.0 with wp 5.5. also never implements security in wp,use cdn & waf layer security rules and make your vps access safe is much more effective.

  2. Quick SEO Fact: Google doesn't use meta keywords. Sorry.

  3. elementor is so slow that we have uninstalled it.

  4. Thanks bro…

  5. Alexios Giannatos

    WordPress gives the reorder menu to rearrange products if I'm not mistaken. I don't think post types order plugin is necessary.

  6. Great list, thanks a lot.

  7. Plugins for dssign website like plz suggest me…

  8. Soheil SAHEB-JAMII

    Hello, nice video ! Didn't you hear about Anym Live Editor ? That's pretty usefull for CSS/SASS or Javascript, and I think it's the best 2020 WordPress plugin for any web designer !

  9. Ludovic Verbeeck

    mmmmh…. was interested to speed up my websites since you stress a lot about it…. so I tested your website speed over 5 different testing websites – scores are worst than mine O_O WTF? good content and very interesting videos but i think you need more experience with hosting, plugins etc…. I'd love to share with you 🙂

  10. Ridoy Mone Chakma

    Dear, bro really good job…program easy and hard…thanks

  11. Just use webflow

  12. Heya dude, first video of yours I've watched, really enjoyed it, very useful. Thanks a lot 🙂

  13. Wow, a couple of these plugins really filled some holes I had in what I could deliver. Thanks!

  14. Edwin Productor

    hi from Venezuela your great budy

  15. Great Video, very helpful – thanks a lot!

  16. Grow with Will - Level Up Your Business Skills

    Duplicate Page is the bomb — especially when it comes to setting up multiple landing pages of the similar base content.

  17. I have stopped watching this video after you said you build all your websites with Elementor…

  18. Nkongho Livangcliff Ekokobe

    wow great plugins…rankmath is super great

  19. Nkongho Livangcliff Ekokobe

    hi can i keep facing this issue with elementor free version: my text styling works well atone point and in another day it just doesn't show on my website. Can you please help?

  20. Just FYI I saw in the Antispam Bee site, the author says it does not work for forms, only comments. Has anyone tested this?

  21. Elementor is not a good option. It adds additional padding and margin. That's why in small screen, website looks dirty and unsatisfied.

  22. Do I have to contract with business plan to plugins?

  23. Where can I get that Elementor floor lamp?

  24. You don't have two most important plugins on the list – Timber and Advanced Custom Fields. They are on my top 3 plugins.

  25. iThemes Security is nothing when you compare it to Sucuri. Most malware I encountered for WP almost always disable Sucuri because they know, it can detect their malicious codes. iThemes Security is 3/10. Even when I found malware on multiple occasions, iThemes Security is quiet but Sucuri will already notify me. Only if it does not, will I know that the malware disabled the plugin so you cannot discover their nasty deeds

  26. Peter Carqueville

    Ele Custom Skin – that one plugin thats an absolute must for Elementor but somehow is not part of the core plugin, for some unknown reason.

  27. Using intro outro and end screen in your video will make your video look more professional.

    Contact me if you want to make these. Email:[email protected]

  28. Very professional mate.

  29. Antonio Dominion

    Hello there! I just wanted to say thank you for all of your helpful and informative videos! I really appreciate your honest and not over the top message of presenting the information! You seem like a really nice guy you come across really honest and I appreciate that. Take good care, ~Antonio

  30. Muhammad Irfan
    this ad was How to Do Free Online Business. When I registered, they started begging. hahaha

  31. Scumfella a Masked Villain

    New favorite channel. Thanks Rino

  32. Duplicate page is an example of the type of plugin you should NEVER run. You can easily copy and paste pages. No idea why duplicate isn’t a WP functionality but the answer is not to run a whole plugin.

  33. Jerzy Żanowski

    Great video! very helpful info. Thank You

  34. What do you think about the divi page builder?

  35. Im a very experienced programmer and I have nice html, css and JS skills but when I try to make a website in wordpress for my clients believe me I always get frustated at everything. I found myself some of disadvantage of wodpress: most plugins fails to install, 500 internal server errors, templates are not 100% customizable, adding advanced jquery isnt easy, you have to use FilleZilla to modify folders, template problems, for advanced plugins features you have to pay, more template problems, migrating large websites isnt easy, and more 1000000 problems. How do you still love wordpress when you can use plain code? WordPress is a definition of frustation.

  36. Dilm Informatique

    Super vidéo, toujours aussi PRO!! Avec mon travail de webmaster, c'est très utile ce genre de vidéos. Merci

  37. Does anyone have any idea if Antispam Bee works with Elementor Contact forms or it is for comments only?

  38. Great info! I really appreciate how you make these nice and quick.

  39. Super useful video! Thank you so much!

  40. Very Helpful tutorial, Kindly visit the links I copied here and let us know how to create these types of dynamic pages or which plugin should we use to make our page exactly the same.

  41. Scofield Muliru

    Thank you for the wonderful content

  42. Violeta Stanojkovska

    How I can , (with which free plugin) to delete images from the WordPress site database that are no longer used in the active site? With witch free plagin I can optimized WordPress sajt?

  43. I really like the sound of your Voice.

  44. Violeta Stanojkovska

    Is it possible for a business website to occupy a memory space of 14 G.

  45. You have a gift of being a great narrator and tutor – this video is fantastic. Thank you.

  46. ManageWP is owned by GoDaddy which is a garbage company.

    MainWP is an open source alternative.

  47. 1:25 i klick on a Site name…i get into the basic editor of the site and not the menu you get…what did i wrong

  48. Edson Nascimento

    Rino – I always enjoy listening to your great explanation and an amazing sense of humor. You have a unique talent.
    By the way what software are you using to record your videos? Thanks

  49. on sharemepro dot com you can have a 2day free access and download 2 themes or plugins for free!!

  50. juan pablo toro molina

    Hi Rino, what do you think about Jet Engine de Crocoblock for Custom Post Types and Dynamic content?

  51. Thanks a ton!

  52. It says I have to upgrade to use the plug ins

  53. Brilliant video, thanks buddy!

  54. It is very interesting, thanks a lot for all information

  55. Good Day nice video, I start to learn a lot from your video. My husband and I bought I ready made wordpress site for our store. We paid extra to make it secure but I don't see the plugin for that. Does one have to pay for Ithemes security (former)Better WP security? Do you suggest Rafflepress to get more customers?

  56. Emanuela Pitassi

    Really good list. What do you think about Wordfence instead iThemes Security?

  57. Chitlins Laundry

    My man!

  58. Supppper helpful

  59. S.Naveen Kumar

    Awesome Video mate!

    Can you please share with me some good resources to start a WP blog from scratch!

    Tons of thanks in advance!

  60. hello, thanks for your video's ! Im from Belgium and even if I'm not good in English, I can understand everything what you said ! Like we say in french, "TOP du TOP". I'm a beginner and I couldnt understand what's different between elementor, wordpress and LMS. And know, thanks to you, I can make the difference between WP and Elementor.

    Can I ask you one thing please: I put a "favicon" logo but I can't make it appear in googles searches. However, I registered it in the" identity site" on several times. Even if I want to share my swipe up link on snap for example, the logo that appears next to the link is an earth icon. Would you advise me to delete all pages and start in the beginning or desactivate some extensions? I don't know if you will be able to answer me or if you have already made a video on this because I just have discovered you. But thanks for what you share, it helps me a lot.

    ps: sorry for my English.

  61. Stylish Grease Monkey

    I am definitely grateful of your work! I’m currently building my blog site and using a ton of information you’ve shared with the world! Thank you!!!!

  62. Great Collection. But you missed Brave Popup Builder. Look into it. Being a designer, I am sure you will love it.

  63. After creating a dozen of HTML CSS and JS with Java Spring boot must admit WP is much faster if you need a general purpose websites

  64. Thank you for such an informative video, it's really helpful for me.

  65. I like elementor it give me more control to what i can do, and this is the results

  66. Ascend Perform

    Do you have a Instagram plug-in you recommend that’s compatible with Elementor/Elementor Pro?

  67. Antonio Vaquerizo

    Hi, i'm new using wordpress and i want show in a page dynamic content based on jsons received by an api rest (more or less in a catalog form of products). What do you recommend me? It's is possible? there is any free plugin for this stuff?

  68. Very nice thanks

  69. Pedro Luchsinger

    Does antispam bee has conflicts working with Akismet antispam? or have they different functions?

    Great content man! Keep it up!

  70. Hashpinder Singh

    Please make e commerce website tutorial

  71. Actualidad Gratis

    fantastic video. thank you!

  72. Do you use wordpress .com or .org ?

  73. Nice Video ***

  74. Erik The Hungry Traveller

    This was extremely helpful and clearly explained. Thank you!

  75. Hey I'm really curious. For anyone reading this. What do we offer when we build wordpress sites and charge people for them that wix doesnt?? I'm having a hard time understanding why I offer better services..

  76. How can I contact you? I need assistance in website building. Can you please share your contact?

  77. How much you charge if someone needed help with their website?

  78. Great video and well presented. Many thanks.

  79. Thanks for the great info!. Anyone seen an issue where after pulling sites into Manage WP, one of my websites now automatically points to another one of mine. Very strange!

  80. Rukmini Kotamraju

    Thank you…

  81. Ten Minute Tokyo 2


  82. Web 907 - Alaska Web Design & SEO, Fairbanks

    Great video. Good sound, good edits. I agree with everything, almost 100%. We never used Youst (think it is over-rated and bloated). Like RankMath. Like All-in-One SEO. But currently using SEOPress. Check it out!. Duplicate page is a must have – totally agree! Post type order – this should be a WP core! And ManageWP – we manage ALL our sites with ManageWP – totally agree. As for anti-spam, we use Google captcha which integrates with our form builder (ninja forms). Also agree – WordFence is bloated and slows down sites – still looking for best security plugin. Thanks for a great video.

  83. People should be looking at Oxygen Builder if they want good lean code – but YouTubers can't make money because there is no affiliate program.

  84. Hey Rino, the video is quite a discovery. The usual 'Best WordPress Plugins' is more than often filled with Yoast, Contact form 7 etc etc, so pretty much every list is 80 – 90% the same. Yours is quite different suggesting alternatives and in some cases with better functionality than the more popular ones. I would however like to point out that there are a few other categories of plugins you should cover to make it easy for a newbie. Picking one, I would say you should include spam protection for the site and the contact forms, please do have a look at Antideo Email Validator WordPress plugin that helps in validating email addresses of users in real time to weed out fake and spam inquiries. The plugin is free and allows unlimited validation checks.
    Keep up the good work, will be hooked on for more videos from you.

  85. Thanks man, you Rock!

  86. Great video on suggested plugins. Thanks. Do you recommend the Math SEO for IYP (business directory websites) as well? Ive searched for what plugin and methods might be best but haven't found any tutorials specifically for local search business directory websites. Thanks in advance


    Nice Explaination sir

  88. Virginia Hoffman

    New to Elementor, I am very pleased to have found your channel. You're doing good work here. Thank you!!!

  89. Marian Condorachi

    You forgot about Brizy Builder

  90. And plugin for translate?

  91. worapot pilabut

    Please guide for Small plugin with elementor pro for customize website faster 2021 + SEO

  92. Always enjoy your videos! Great info and great style

  93. Only the second vid I watch from you and man ! I learnt a lot ! I rebuilt my website from one of your tutorial and the speed increased don't know how many times ! Thnak you for your great tuto !

  94. Radio Free Flint

    Excellent! Easy to follow

  95. Greylith & Co.

    What is the difference between these plugins?
    Rankmath SEO

  96. Maarten Gruson

    Exactly what I needed! Thanks! I have one question, I downloaded an Enfold Theme. But there is no option to upload it in my WordPress account. Can someone help me with this?

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