Speed Up WordPress in 2021: Improve Core Web Vitals with One Plugin (Nitropack)

Do you want to get a 100 from Google’s Page Speed insights? I’ll show you how to speed up your WordPress website with just one plugin.
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Google is introducing the web core vitals as part of their SEO ranking factor
on May twenty twenty-one. This means speed might have a bigger impact on SEO rankings than before.

Now nobody really knows how much this will have an impact on the rankings, but I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. So make sure your website’s page loading speed, so that Google could rank you higher.

Make WordPress website faster in summary:
00:00 What you will achieve
01:00 Install NitroPack plugin
02:09 Signup with NitroPack to get the API key
03:50 Optimize Nitropack settings
06:27 Test your website
09:04 Is Nitropack cheating?
09:24 My page speed improvements & real data

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