School management system with wpschoolpress wordpress plugin

How to Install
Online Examination system

Admin Features
Add/update/delete students information Add/update/delete teachers information
Add/update/delete parents information
Add/update/delete student marks Manage logins for students/parents/teachers.
Manage school events Get feedback from Students/Parents Manage transportation details
Edit system settings Send Message to Teacher/Parents/Students
Teacher Features
Add/update/delete students information Import/Export marks as CSV
Add/update/delete parents information
Add/update/delete class routine
Add/update/delete student marks
Add/update/delete Events Manage login’s for students/parents Send message to parents Manage marks/attendance/exams/classes
Send marksheets to parents email
Student Features
View teacher’s profile
View school events in calendar
View Student’s marks/attendances and other comments
Send feedback/message to teacher
View Student’s class routine See overall performance of Student’s class
View school transportation and routes Manage own profile
Parent Features
View teacher’s profile
View school transportation and routes
View subject details
View school events in calendar View marks and attendances Send feedback/message to administration/teachers/students
View class routine

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