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PWA Push Notifications WordPress Tutorial


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  1. Good Video

  2. Best plugins:
    1- one singal
    2- superpwa
    Nice video

  3. in my Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e , it worked, but the icon was not for the tablet desktop, I did the procedure using chrome mobile

  4. another question, OneSignal only sends post notifications? if I have a city directory, would it be possible to send an item notification from an advertiser on my site?

  5. It's cool but one issues I found if spwa is deactivated the features will not deactivate in your website try that. If set information can't change yes it can change in dashboard put don't reflect in website. One position thing that website become blazer speed. Even u deactivated the plug in pwa features never stop. Keep a back up befor trying pwa. Important

  6. Mahmoud Elsman

    Is that work with ios also

  7. juan pablo dupuy

    Thanks for share. What wordpress version use in your video?

  8. domiciliosduitama

    Hi friend, i need to send notification to the vendors iphone every time we receive an order in each product, assigned.

  9. Rodrigo Gibson

    Awesome video! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  10. Shahirwan Izhani

    this is one good tutorial. I have tried it. but there were no "add website to home screen notification" when i open up on my phone. Can you advice me on this matter? thanks !

  11. I appreciate this video. Thank you for creating.

  12. Thank you for the video. I try to put in practise in wordpress this pugins.

  13. Contabilidad Inktex

    Hi how are you? what a great video !!

    can you tell me if i can create an apk?

    to be able to import to the play store?

  14. Assalamualaikum Imran, this is great tutorial. thank you for sharing and my web transform into PWA.
    One thing that I cannot solved in offline state, where my maps cannot show (so, gmaps cannot "store in cache?".
    Is there any way to solve this problem?
    Thank you.

  15. Stunning, amazing, awesome rc videos, Stephan Eich

    perfect, THX

  16. Hai Imran thanks for your good made video. I am going to build a multivendor eCommerce website + Mobile App to sell 8 Different Categories of Products. Which Plugins and Themes you would suggest reliable and pricings.

  17. Hello, how do I upload this PWA in the google play store?

  18. N SOLOMON SUDHIR Prabhakar

    Everthing fine, you have not shown how you got your pwa , that your are showing on your phone? we are able to open our site on a mobile chrome browser, it is only a mobile site, how we can we see this as an app on our phone?

  19. you didn't show us how the app creates app and how do i upload it on Android and ios

  20. Paritosh Pandya

    How can we add the app Again to home screen if we delete the app from home screen by mistake? I am not getting the message – Add to home screen again.

  21. Thank you, very useful!

  22. Angela D. Kosa

    I don't get it work on my iPhone – anyone, who can help?

  23. Thanks Imran, how does the content of the site pages can be made available while being offline?

    Does the whole static content (text and images) of the site get cached when the user adds the icon to the homescreen?
    Or are only pages loaded by the user cached (which would explain the feature "Offline page" of the plugin)?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  24. You are amazing, man! Great helpful video. Thanks for this. 🙂

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