How to Run Django with WordPress at /blog Using the Same Domain on Nginx

Learn how to configure Django and WordPress together on the same Nginx server and under the same domain name. We will install WordPress as a subdirectory such as /blog and Django will be the main website at the top-level domain.

Code snippets and more at

Common Nginx pitfalls:

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  1. shiva kumar Panaganti

    Your Production quality is just awesome ❤️

  2. Alas… I am not first…

    Jokes aside, thank you. I needed this, and you provided

  3. Pls pls make a video about staging a website on Digitalocean (1 click OPENLITESPEED wordpress)

  4. Memes Of Mirzapur

    Make a video on server side caching in NGINX manually ( without any plugins )

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