How To Make Your WordPress Website Multilingual

Need to make your WordPress website display multiple languages for a diverse audience? Then check out this video and I’ll show you how!

I’ve gotten several requests for this video from subscribers so I hope this is helpful to you guys, and please keep the feedback coming!

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  1. Gerald Bongalon


  2. Make a website that gives different contents based on different country. For eg – Amazon, they show different items based on different country .

  3. solomon muchori

    Wao this is the best significance video ever

  4. Awesome as usual! Thanks Dale!

  5. make a tutorial on creating your own WordPress theme / template from scratch
    some web design tips

  6. Does it work with WooCommerce?

  7. Hello Dale, I'm avid follower of your channel. I wonder if you help me to understand how to let a developer make my website without surrendering control of credentials. Or limited access to set up my website. I'm not good at technical stuff. Please advise if you can. Thanks.

  8. Love you dave
    I like your videos because it deserve bundle of likes

  9. Please also make a tutorial on optimising wordpress website for mobile 🙂

  10. Please make a video on "How to edit full click theme on wordpress"

  11. My Craft Quiet Books

    Will it work with elementor?

  12. nice topic, thanks.

  13. Nice vid. mate! A quick question- If your website is in say English (first language ) Does having multiple language fixtures affect the chances of your website popping in the search results of those languages or does Google automatically translate your English website to produce a result for the user without plugins.
    I'm asking from a user angle.

  14. Hindu Devotional TV

    Is there a problem with Adsense if we use two languages on our website, like Hindi and English?

  15. Hablo muy bien en español y puedo decir que está muy bien traducido a ese idioma. That Plugin looks so great. Fantastic video

  16. google language translate plugin is not more useful for Indian regional language , as it only shows indian flag for multiple language. i was expecting nice drop down list Without flags.
    Gtranslate Plugin is much better instead of Google Language Translate

  17. talk about cdn setup

  18. Tayyab Manzoor

    Very Useful Video For Every Web Designer

  19. Really cool man, i was looking for some plugin like this

  20. Andre Vanguard

    Great! I was waiting for this video!)

  21. Target Ki Udaan

    love from india

  22. Alejandro Agudelo

    Thank you for this topic Dale, especially for me!

  23. Aristide REGAL

    You're the best Dale!

  24. Sidhique Parmmel

    Thanks, I was waiting for this video…

  25. Бахытбек Каттабекович


  26. Thanks bro ….. That helped me a lot

  27. Berlander Shadji Masendje Similien

    Thank you so much!
    You taught me a lot of things like on facebook and youtube, since meeting you on social media.
    Muchas gracias Dale!
    I greet you from Argentina

  28. Asia Basketball Highlights

    Thanks Man !

  29. This guy…don't you get tired of showing us amazing things???….common your so amazing ….thanks bro…

  30. Daryl Christopher

    i am from India

  31. Charles Ajiboye

    I like the fact that you are really passionate about wordpress, but do you think WordPress is still the best CMS on the market? I'll appreciate your response

  32. your genious ever

  33. Mohamed Wahibi

    thanx for the directives.peace brother from Casablanca

  34. Anne Laura Alissa

    Can you do you shopify

  35. Himanshu Postbox

    Thanks for making covering this topic

  36. Really Cool and please share some of Elementors themes with us…

  37. Hello, I am currently using another plugin that allows me to translate all the theme strings, categories, tags etc. Does Polylang do that too?

  38. Heather Jo Flores

    thank you this just solved my exact issue
    for free

  39. Shivshahi Network

    I wish you a long life full of happiness From India

  40. abdelfettah bouhnid

    Thanks my friend for the always add values and solve problems..thank you

  41. Hello Dale,
    Thank you for the service you are providing. I have learnt many things from your channel. I have one question related to YouTube videos. Can you suggest a good YouTube video editing software/tool? That would be a great favor.
    Thank you very much!

  42. Hi, hoping someone can help. Do u think it would ruin a laptop I'm gonna do editing on if I have a website on that laptop too? Would the website slow the editing computer down too much and if the website gets a security issue could it ruin it for editing? Thanks !! I'm also gonna put EZ Talks on the laptop to have group chats with but I don't think that would be a problem. What do u a think? Tx so much

  43. Thank you

  44. Christine Karagianni

    I was gonna ask you for this tutorial but Dale… you read my mind and created it already!
    Love your videos keep it up!

  45. Emran Mohammed

    You are amazing

  46. I am Ahsan Iqbal. I also followed you on Instagram. My Most of experience of making Websites on different platforms was done through your videos

  47. Have tried both but found it not that simple! With the first tool, how come there is no place to click on homepage for choosing languages… and with google translation, could you please explain in details how to edit since the google auto translation definitely needs an accurate retranslation… would you advise using WP or Elementor,thank you.

  48. John Ten Hoeve

    Great video Thanks!!

  49. Hi, how can display opposite language option, like if we have homepage in english language then show only option of French language and when it is on French language it shows option of english language only

  50. Bhawana Rathore

    Amazing explanation. Thanks from india.

  51. Do you have a multi currency plugin you can recommend?

  52. Do You want To Make Money Online?

    Fantastic feature


    You are nicest person. I watched 100s of Videos but you different genuine trainer. Respect ✊ you.

  54. Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla


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