How to Make a WordPress Website with Elementor | (Best Elementor Tutorial)

Learn how to make an awesome WordPress website using the Elementor page builder plugin with this step-by-step tutorial!

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How to Use WordPress Tutorial


What is Web Hosting? Explained!

What is WordPress? Explained!



What website are we making? 0:37

Step #1: Secure Your Domain Name and Hosting 5:34

Step #2: Install WordPress 11:35

Step #3: Activate a New Theme 15:35

Step #4: Activate the Elementor Plugin 17:12

Step #5: Customize Your Website 18:59

Step #6: Add Your Contact Form 1:12:49

Step #7: Create a Header Menu 1:22:02

Step #8: Publish Your Website 1:35:01


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  1. Awesome tutorial Dale! , very concise and clear 🙂 thanks

  2. The truth amazing tutor

  3. Hi how did you make the JSON template can you help me with that? my email id is [email protected] Big Fan of your work . Love from INDIA.

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  5. Lions Adventure Tours

    Hi Dale, how are you? I hope everything is cool, I just want to thank you bro, I really appreciate your tutorial, thanks.

  6. this is tutorial by a real PRO Website Designer
    thanks a lot, you didn't know how much you help me you save my life thanks………….(for n no. of times)

  7. Geeky Gecko Creations

    Very good video man, thank you for the detail, not many tutorials answered all the questions i had and yours I have to say is very nice, you think of all the things a beginner wont understand and mention it along the way. THANK YOU.

  8. wolfgraphicsLLC

    with every thinng you said in this video is thru then why in the hell every time i try to use it it tells me to go pro and tries to charge me and half the widgets it gives is labeled pro

  9. Alexandre Gaudette

    I need help I have been trying to move the text 10 % Off on this page been on it for 2 days still cannot figure it out I have to say elementor is way to complicated

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  11. 12A_15 Vatsal mishra

    But by this type of Elementor website my Pagespeed reach 14 sec
    Pleas help me out

  12. Maxi ProgrameTV

    Hi, great tutorial. I have online one issue here that could not find the solution. The website is not mobile-friendly, to be more specific in the up menu with logo, it happens like in your video or the logo and menu overlaps tot the rest of the website.

  13. Wowo , Amazing , This video was even better than my paid course.It really helped me and gave me the confidence to start my journey to my web dev business journey .

  14. Joeri Ceulemans

    Really nice tutorial Dale!
    I like that it's a one pager, if you don't have too much information too show, this is the way to go! Keep up the great work man! #fistbump

  15. Click here to buy the best wp theme from ThemeForest…

  16. Goodness Dale! Thank you so much for a clear version of tutorial in all sense from the way you navigate and structure the tutorial and your great English accent. I've watched over 6 tutorials from others and non hooked me up! Fav!
    Btw Dale, I already have a domain and hosting running up now… but I would like to change the layout and all.. May I know if I still can install WP and Elementor plugin with the rest of plugins into my own domain? If yes, how do i do that and is it comes with free install or with charges? I really would like to know. Thank you Dale!

  17. Guilherme do Valle

    If you just want to improve your WordPress skills and don't want to pay for anything, use Local WordPress ( and you can run WordPress on your local machine.

  18. Brother, your theme cant be removed completely. Please suggest how to remove it.

  19. Say it! ☄ MDL

    Thanks! It is a very good tutorial.


  21. Rejoice Nosakhare

    A most awesome and helpful video. Thanks a lot; and more strength.

  22. Can you add unlimited pages to your site?

  23. as many as vedios i have seen but this vedio is the BEST . THANKS ALOT

  24. I created a free website from Pro Free Host site, now it shows that your website is not secure.

    This site is not currently open….
    How to fix it, please help me….please…

  25. Hello,
    Thank u so much for your effort !
    I only have one question:
    I Just can't upload the images of template with it when i uploaded it on the site
    I don't know why?
    also the message which show to you about include images with your template didn't show to me
    Could u pls help me in that?

  26. This video was so helpful and informative. It is definitely beginner friendly and very detailed, so you can't miss a step. I like how he took his time to explain every step making it very easy to follow. Thank you!!!

  27. what's the other option to upload video instead of youtube/vimeo?

  28. Hey Dale I just found your channel and I have to say I’m very impressed! I’ve only watched a few but I will be watching more and more. I’m tech savvy but just starting a website for my wife’s small business. I love your time stamps in the description which I think is by far the best aspect of your videos. I could go on forever but keep up the great work. BTW I just subscribed!

  29. Charles Johnson

    This is a very easy-to-follow tutorial. I am just starting to customize my WordPress/Oceanwp. It`s my first website .
    Thank you very much.

  30. I don't use host gator anymore. I lost my password due to a machine failure and email lost and they were still charging me and I couldn't quit them.

  31. This video is absoloutely amazing.

  32. diogobarbosass – Elementor – Header and Footer – 'Free'

  33. Super ,nice step by step explanation , easy to understand to a layman as well

  34. 1:00:30 background overlay …

  35. Eugene D'Rozario

    Many thanks for your easy to follow the instructions and all the hints and support. I am a writer and my webpage is very basic using the Author Pro theme and the Genesis. Can I use the Elementor page builder, please?

  36. Hey man thank you for the tutorial. Just built a sick website. One thing I'm stuck on is the photo overlap. How did you get them to overlap? I need to make a fourth section.

  37. how to download that json file? this entire video was good but better if you could explain about json

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  39. Valeria Vargas

    I don't have WPForms, when I tried to download it says: Installation failed: Destination folder already exists.

  40. Hey Dale, Nice tutorial but just wanted to know how do layed teh 3 pictures where the corners are over the other. Also on the Top main Image how did you get the Hey! word on top of your name.

  41. Adrian Średniawski

    Do you know how to place logo in the center of the HEADER? between menu titles

  42. Thank you! for this video. I can recommend to my friends this channel. Please support his channel it's really helpful. Good thing! while lock down learning something really good that you can improve your skills.

  43. best site to host your website .come on and sign up

  44. is this review for the premium elementor plan? some of my buttons are different than yours

  45. Great tutorial, but i want to know, how did you overlap the images in second section i.e.,"I take a lot of photos at night". Highly appreciated. Thanks a lot

  46. Riya Srivastava

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  47. I don’t see the Just Do It Theme,

  48. I got my domain but when I got to marketplace it won't take me to the same page that opens for you ????

  49. You are awesome !!! The Best Tutorial i have seen. You made so simple for us. Feel so confident Now. Thanks very much

  50. Michaela Bartková

    Thank you!! I have nearly lost my nerves before I found your video..

  51. This is really a very informative video as always. You can also find some good information at Thanks!

  52. SJeddyWellness

    OMG. THANK YOU SO MUCH! !!! This just made my life so much easier. Thank you!!!

  53. Well over a year late with this comment, but thank you, finally a comprehensive overview of what can be a achieved with Elementor… not just what Elementor is but how "you" as a web dev would do it… This has helped me so much i cannot thank you enough. Do you have Udemy or anything like that because for this 1 hour 32 min tut i would happily pay.

  54. Annalogic lifestyle and yoga

    Hey Dale, thank you for an amazing tutorial, currently rebuilding my website with your help But there is one issue I can't solve, how to get rid of or edit double footer? Would appreciate a lot your advice! Edit. I just found it 😀 I disabled footer widgets and this block disappeared, but I'll leave this comment here in case someone else will have the same problem 🙂

  55. Rocco Felice Corini

    The image is nice! is from an anime? can I know the name?

  56. My total doesn’t show the same as yours. I clicked your link

  57. Amazing video brotha thank you so much for making this video!!. I do have 1 question I cant find the launch button on wordpress dashboard so do you have an updated video by any chance that I can follow along and see what the new location is for the launch button?.

  58. Awesome, thanks indeed and yours is the best tutorial out there!!!

  59. Huge value! Liked and subscribed. Thanks

  60. For some reason, when I get to "Add Additional Services," the SSL Certificate isn't free or included

  61. Hans van der Leden

    Gr8 video , how can you fix the menuitems while scrolling down?

  62. What about WordPress prices, you can't install plugins unless you upgrade your free acc to some of the business plans, altho business plan (Premium 8$ per month) there is no option in the list to install plugins.

  63. I always come back to your video because you explain the most important things in designing web pages with Elementor. I've tried other tutorials but this continues to be the best I've found. Thanks.

  64. really appreciate what you had brought to us in all this lesson….I tried to use your bonus code for the web hosting but it cannot be accepted due to a foreign phone number issue. Sorry mate, I tried.

  65. You are SIMPLY the best!

  66. Dale. I am building a website copying one of your Elementor tutorials. Really good and after a bit of fudging am managing to produce something OK for first time.
    How do I insert my Logo into it in a place where I require.? many thanks in hope.

  67. Hi Dale, Great tutorial. I enjoyed the session. You made it very interesting. no overloads! Thanks Dale!


    Man you are a genius why not Elementor WordPress promote you

  69. Thank you Dale. Great video for beginners on elementor!!!!


    What a great man. Really genius helping man

  71. "Feel free to stalk me" HAHA Wasn't intending on stalking you but now that you said that.. kidding!

    Thank you for this, really helped me understand how to set things up since I'm new to designing pages on wordpress.

  72. Agência Humans

    Thanks a lot fot the content

  73. Actually I wished that I had already downloaded wordpress with elementor! This is the perfect instructional tutorial video. keep it up!!!

  74. I love elementor. But I wish a lot of the features didn't require the expensive pro subscription

  75. Adult Affiliation

    Hello, I talk about the same subject in french, drop by to see a shot !

  76. Elementor part starting: 19:03

  77. Linin Up Ducks

    I have searched and searched my wordpress and Ocean WP is not coming up as an option. Frustrated!

  78. johnrei dinglasan

    facebook pasword sniper

  79. sebastian manrique

    Hi! how can i download that CAPW template please, thank you!!!!

  80. Hi Dale. Very, very well done video tutorial. Only one thing I don't understand. At the beginning of the tutorial you tell us that the website is fully responsive and can be viewed on a cell phone, but you don't show us how to make that happen… PLEASE will you show us? I sat and watched your entire tutorial just waiting for that portion – and then you forgot about it! LOL!!! Anxiously waiting…

  81. Dude, you're a life saver, excellent tutorial, managed to get everything I needed in a few hours thanks to you. Fantastic work.

  82. Where is Natchou

    it is so clear and informative ! Thank you soooo much !
    Do you know if it is possible to link WordPress and Mailchimp this way ? Thank you !

  83. This is one of the best tutorials ever and helped me to build more than one Website already! Thank you Dale.

  84. Whatever you do, don't buy hostgator. Your site will get malware, will be slow, etc. I speak from 5 years of experience using them. It's fine if you just need a very cheap low quality website, otherwise you should use wpengine.

  85. The Elementor Website Template: does not download as a zip file anymore, shows bad file, and the Oceanwp theme now is not the same suggestion?

  86. Thank you so much! Clear and detailed instructions. Perfect!

  87. Steve Korducavich

    @Create a Pro Website Where do I download the new template, "Elementor – CAPW"? Did I miss something?

  88. I'm missing some of the links in the sidebar at 21:11, such as general options and footer bottom, do you have any idea what is wrong?

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  90. Hi there, I loved this video 🙂 I learnt so much from it! Thanks.I now have a couple of issues which I hope you could help me resolve:

    IMAGES – for desktop I used fixed, for mobile and tablet I used default. I have an issue with my IPAD when I view it horizontally only – only part of the image appears and it's super big and blurry. How can I resolve it please?

    Issue no. 2 – logo not showing on tablet (horizontal and vertical)

    Thanks in advance for your help….


  91. Thank you, your video convinced me to purchase the Pro Version.

  92. Hi. Can anyone help me? I already purchased a domain and already connected it to some landing page website builder. But only for a month. Is there any chance that I can disconnect my domain to that website and then connect it to wordpress? Thankyou so much for your help.

  93. I like you Dale and i will use your link!

  94. Freakin' nice tutorial man! Had a lot of fun to watch, thanks for sharing in such a neat way as you did.

  95. Mon & Mitch Burce

    I like this tutorial. Its very detailed and informative. Slowly but surely.

  96. Thanks Dale, Loved it!

  97. Maria Martinez

    The WPForms doesn't show on my dashboard or on the side of word press. I downloaded the additional addons for elementor. What am I doing wrong?
    I also searched wpforms on the plugin section and I ended up installing one, but this pop ups "Installation failed: Destination folder already exists"
    What am I doing wrong?

  98. Alicia Brankovic

    Is Great Thank You

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