How to Make a Wedding Website with WordPress | Step-by-Step 2020

Learn how to an eye-catching wedding website for your big day with this step-by-step WordPress tutorial!

Get a Domain Name & Hosting for Your Website:

Follow-Along Images:

00:00 – Intro/Overview
01:15 – Step 1: Get a Domain Name & Web Hosting
07:56 – Step 2: Install WordPress
11:20 – Step 3: Install & Activate Astra Theme
12:46 – Step 4: Install Plugins
13:54 – Step 5: Select a Starter Template
15:59 – Step 6: Customize Your Website
17:00 – Website Structure
51:56 – Step 7: Create an RSVP Contact Form
55:00 – Step 8: Create a New Page
01:13:12 – Connect Page to Buttons
01:04:23 – Step 9: Create a Navigation Menu
01:06:36 – Step 10: Edit For Mobile & Tablet
01:09:49 – Final Site Preview
01:10:59 – Outro: Like & Subscribe!


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  4. د كتور مايك بالعربي

    my brother I wanna create website in my country for people to exchange products to sell and for jobs tu apply pdf cv with pictures can u help me do video off course if want

  5. You are great….. I'm working on my affiliate website by watching your video and I'm your great follower. I need to take a pic with you. Please visit India. Welcome to my home. I'm your great fan.

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    Thanks Dale, you always post new knowledge for the community.

  9. Wow! Great tutorial, can you please make a Beaver Builder tutorial too. Thanks so much.

  10. Awesome info! Thanks for another detailed step-by-step tutorial!

  11. Shakanksh Sinha

    Great Tutorial ❣️
    Can You Please Also Make One On Creating A Fully Functional Blog Website With Automated Newsletter Sending And Other Stuffs Like This….I Would Be Really Nice. Love You Dale❣️

  12. Hi Dale, It is as if you read my mind!!! I have just made a dress for my sister in three days. Same work went into it as making a wedding dress!!! People loved it. We picked a purple color as not to take anything away from the bride, who's colors were white and royal blue. I just paid my hosting and domain name yesterday, still waiting for it to go live. (We live in South Africa). Thank you for the answer I needed. Bless you in Yeshua's Name

  13. Kimberly I. Browne

    Question 1: Can I make a free WordPress website on which others can create an account with a portfolio section?
    Question 2: How can I show my PDF file as a picture gallery where visitors will click and see that PDF?
    Question 3: How others will be able to post on my website with their picture and author name?

  14. Tayyab Manzoor

    Dear Sir How to move the website from the local host to direct live on the internet?

  15. it is possible to publish wordpress media without write post?

  16. Can I use this website to make a wedding registry?

  17. brother please make a video on gym website with elementor.

  18. link of code?

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