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Do you want your website to load quickly? But have no idea how to do it?

Watch how you can setup a WordPress Site on Cloudways hosting.

Once you watch this video, you will get to know what is Cloudways and how to setup your WordPress site on Cloudways hosting to make your website respond much faster and display quickly to your visitor.

So let’s start.

So to setup a new WordPress site on Cloudways, we are going to do 2 steps.

1. Create an account on Cloudways.

2. Launch your WordPress site on Cloudways.

Step 1: Create an account on Cloudways.

To create an account on Cloudways, go to and click ‘start a free trial’.

Then enter your Name, Email, and Password to create an account (This will be used to log into Cloudways).

Once you’ve created an account, we can go to step 2.

Step 2: Launch your WordPress site on Cloudways.

To launch your WordPress site, you first need to select your server size.

Next, you need to choose your server location.

So once you have selected your server location, you can now launch your WordPress site, by clicking “Launch Now”.

Once you launch your WordPress site on Cloudways, next, let’s see how you can log in to your WordPress site.

To login to your site, all you have to do is just type ‘/login’ after your site’s address, then press ‘enter’ and it will take you to the login page of your WordPress site.

Now to get the username & password, go to Cloudways.

Copy the username & password from the Admin panel and paste it in the WordPress login page.

Now if you click login, you would reach the WordPress admin area (this is where you can control your WordPress site).

Now let’s go to ‘My WordPress’ in the admin toolbar and click ‘visit site’.

You would see that right now, your site is using the Cloudways domain name.

Now, how do you change this to your domain name?

Let’s see how you can add your own domain to your WordPress site.

You can do that by following these 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Get a new domain.

Go to and then pick a name for your website.

Step 2: Add your domain to your Cloudways account.

To add your domain, open Cloudways, go to ‘domain management’, then add your domain and click ‘save changes’.

Step 3: Add your server IP address to your domain.

To add your server IP address, copy the IP address from Cloudways, go to Godaddy, click DNS and then add it to your domain.

Now if you go back to your WordPress site and click refresh, you will get the domain, which you purchased in place of the temporary domain.

So this is how you can use your domain name instead of Cloudways temporary domain name.

Now if you want to remove the ‘Not secure’ message from your website, you need to add an SSL certificate to your site.
So To add SSL, just go to Cloudways, click SSL certificate, enter your email address & your domain and then click ‘Install Certificate’.

This is how you can install Free SSL on your WordPress website using Cloudways hosting.

Now, to keep your site live after completing your trial pack, all you have to do is go to Cloudways And then click ‘upgrade’ to purchase your hosting from Cloudways.

Now let’s look into the bonus part of this tutorial,

Which is how you can add more WordPress sites on the same Couldways account.

To add another WordPress site on Cloudways, go to ‘Applications’ in the Cloudways menu, then click ‘Add Application’ by selecting your server, the latest version of WordPress and entering the name of your site.

So in the same way you can add any number of WordPress sites to your Cloudways account.

So that’s it guys, this is how you can setup a WordPress site on Cloudways hosting.

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