How to Install WordPress | For Beginners

In this video we’re going to cover How to Install WordPress so you can get started with making your own website! It’s a very quick and easy install and I’m going to walk you through it!

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  1. first

  2. Wordpress Arabic

    i use BITNAMI to instal wordpress on local is coooool

  3. Always love your videos sir

  4. Alan walker Fan

    Nice video Bro

  5. He sir I have a question, can we make a custom footer in hestia if yes how…?

  6. Hey dale what software you use to edit your videos are very informative and flow easy thanks

  7. Shigeo Kageyama

    What ads network do you use??? Can you provide top ads network list or may be make a video on it. It will help small blogger like me.

  8. Chet James - Make Money Online Guides

    Hey brother! Awesome to see your growth over the last few months, inspiring for sure. Been a slow grind for sure lol but I'll keep at it.

    Great quality videos and content/structure is done really well, would you ever be open to handling any outsourcing work? I mainly focus on technical SEO and paid ads for myself and clients and occasionally get website requests, would love to pass any of them along to you man. Let me know

  9. Sourabh pujari

    Hii sir i am creating a wordpress website which is based on subdomains and i need help

    How can i use same user database on my subdomains
    I mean the subdomain website should use the user information from the domain and

    How can I create a subdomain that uses the same user as the main domain

  10. How do I know if I'm getting or if go with blue host or host gator is it automatically. or org.

  11. I've looked on play store and they are the same so how do I create it for free and get all the features if wordpress. Com you can't I'm confused.

  12. Mehran Ali Sultan

    Thanks Sir, Sir if we want to install wordpress in an other folder. Sir, We create new database name or use only one database name.

  13. Tips tutorial for e-commerce website using wordpress. Tia

  14. The hosting company I use is cloud base,do not provide cpanel.

    Can wordpress install without cpanel?

  15. i was almost crying until i could do this , at the end understand i had it before …

  16. Naveennnaidu Bonu

    why are you promoting HostGator

  17. Please help.
    After typing in '' a message '403 FORBIDDEN Request forbidden by administrative rules', how can I fix this? Thanks

  18. Thanks for the tips. What microphone are you using in this video? The quality sounds good!

  19. Thx a lot. You've earned yourself a new subscriber!

  20. #Create a Pro Website thanks for your video & the way of how u explain ,like & subscribe

  21. Hi are you looking for a wordpress or a web design that can do all this work for u for extremely cheap go to @t

  22. Hi are you looking for a wordpress or a web design that can do all this work for u @t

  23. hey this is awesome one question is this better to get wordpress off host gator then going onto the actual wordpress site and picking a plan to buy for a year if you dont know what i mean i can pm you

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    do all of this work for you at a very low price,click

    on this link and have a look at how many different

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  25. professionaly made and useful video. thank you

  26. My life Changer

    Thank you


    Hi If you are looking for web designer/developers that can do all of this work for you at a very low price. go to this link and have a look at how many different creator can help you. This site is very well know and world wide peoples are using to make easy their works by paying less money.

  28. Hey! I watched your video, it is very supportive. And I am new to WordPress got a small job to make a wordpress web site for a computers and computer parts selling shop.simply they want publish their products on the web site by categories (like processor,motherboard,ram,vga and all the required parts).thats all right. because i can do it using woo commerce plug-in.but that is not the problem, the problem is they request additional feature (page) to build a custom pc using their products already on web site. As a example i have to build a form or something call build your pc now! and include all the required parts to that form ( processor,ram,motherboard,vga and all items) and when user click processor it should be show all the items on processor category, and next i want show something like 'add this to my pc' button for each item and if user click the add button it should be load the price of item to the processor field on that wise i want do this for the all the field of the form (that custom pc buid parts) how can i do this on wordpress? Is anyone there for help me to solve this problem? please!

  29. Hello, Dale. I wanted to ask you if I can just go ahead and use wordpress for my web hosting since on their website it says they provide domain registration. Is this possible? I am very new to all this. Thanks in advance.

  30. Can you transfer a new domain to an existing website and keep the hosting plan? I have a website they built recently but need to change the name.

  31. online mompreneurs

    Great, thanks a lot 😉

  32. I wish I had have seen you 3 years ago but I have learnt more from you in the last 24 hours than hours of reading and watching videos with lots of irrelevant info yours are brilliant.

  33. Very nice. thank you for making easy step fro us.

  34. Dilitirio Venom

    Great tutorial, but I am subscribing just because of that MSI laptop.

  35. I have Hostgator and I followed all the steps…did not work, lol
    403 Forbidden

    Request forbidden by administrative rules.

  36. Guntis Bringmanis

    But nowadays you don't need to install WordPress on your own, since many hostings, like – There offer WordPress hosting, and Hostgator that automatically installs upon your order.

  37. Tanzila Farzana Tani


  38. Cenap & Sayın

    Can I change the site I created to

  39. Abdalsamad Ayash

    Thank you

  40. Szymon G Szewczyk

    Installing wordpress means MANUAL installation, not "click a button when u pay for a provider".
    Totally misleading.

  41. #1 Best Jinx Eune

    care from affilioate link gator

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