How to Install Google Analytics to WordPress | 2019

Whats up! In this video I’m going to be showing you How to Install Google Analytics to WordPress in just 4 simple steps!

Step #1: Create a Google Analytics Account 0:42
Step #2: Install Google Analytics to WordPress 1:53
Step #3: Link Your Google Analytics Account 2:24
Step #4: View Your Data 3:20


How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

What is Google Analytics? Video:

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  1. Wordpress Arabic

    First comment thanks brother you help me in my agency

  2. Thank you!! <3
    Awesome content, you really deserve more recognition

  3. Hey Your Videos are Amazing !!
    can you please make tutorials and describe how to use google ads and how to generate traffic

  4. Hi there. I went through and followed all the steps and successfully installed the plugin, linked it, etc but nothing shows up on my dashboard. What do you recommend?

  5. Hirusha Deshan

    Thanks Mate, You Really Helped Me, Keep Up The Good Work!

  6. Wordian Organization

    Hey Your Videos are Amazing. Can you make one video that how you make video and record screen and which softwares you are using for making videos. I need this information for marketing purposes.

  7. Génial Create a Pro Website

  8. Willy Albertson

    Great Video Dale !!

  9. Thank you this was very helpful

  10. iPhone Repairs

    Dude this video was so concise and clear! Unfortunately somehow GA wasn't tracking any of my site data (not sure why). I've now installed GA on WP & hopefully sorted. Thanks again

  11. Pretty Darn Adorable Crochet Tutorials

    Thank you so much for creating this great video – was a huge help very easy to follow and I got my site set up in seconds. New subscriber!

  12. like your videos, it's always nice to listen to a nice smiling dude who explains things clearly.

  13. Great video, thank you bro

  14. Helpful! Thanks dale

  15. Thank you for this video. So easy. But is there a differents between this and the data that WordPress already offers?

  16. I sell photos on shutterstock and adobestock can I check my analytics of my sales through google analytics ? also ..can I do this analysis for multiple websites ? including my own website and my other stores ?

  17. Bruce Spencer Ladd III

    Awesome video. helped me tremendously in a matter of minutes.

  18. Im not sure why but after I've created a property, I just get internal error messages if I try to obtain the tracking or click on any reports. So I can't actually get the tracking ID to add to the analytics plug in on WordPress…. Any idea why? Is there a way that I can completely reset my account and start fresh with analytics??

  19. Ivica Mirkovik

    Usually I do not leave comments, but this video was among the few that I have encountered on the entire youtube to be sufficient, short and straight to the point to what I needed. Just as envisioned in my mind, precise to the last detail. Fantastic and keep up the great work. Short, concise and straight to the point without the necessity to spend 5 min of every video talking about yourself and what you are about.

  20. Basma Altwejri

    Extremity helpful and clear. Thank you so much dale!

  21. The plugin thats in this video used to be great, but after update almost every feature costs money. Now best one for free is probably Google Analytics by MonsterInsights.
    Thumbs up so people can see.

  22. Josephine Nguyen

    Thanks so much made lot easier

  23. COOL

  24. In your opinion, what is better to install on a WordPress website to track users behavior: cookies or Google Analytics?

  25. You literally explain everything so well

  26. can we add Google adsense to my free WordPress website

  27. Get your videos on Udemy dale cus I’m buying

  28. Thanks mate, fixed a problem I had.

  29. Authentication Issue:

    The selected account doesn't have any Google Analytics Web properties.
    Please select another Google Account and make sure your Google Analytics property is set as "Web" not "Apps and web" or "Apps".

    You can find more details about setting up your Google Analytics property in this article.

  30. upgrade your skill

    Bhai google analysis nahi dika

  31. Love Our Home Zoo

    I am working on a second blog site. Do I create a new property within my google analytics account or should I open a brand new account?

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