How to Get a Perfect PageSpeed Insights Score for WordPress

Learn how to get a Google PageSpeed Insights score of 100 (or pretty darn close to it) for your site, and make WordPress faster. Contrary to what you might think, this has very little to do with hosting. Rather, you must focus on reducing the size of your web pages by compressing images and eliminating unnecessary requests as well as caching and minifying your pages. In doing so, your website will run faster and web pages will load quicker.

• Cut the fat 👉 (use code TONYTEACHESTECH for 15% off any license)
• Cache pages 👉
• Compress images 👉

• My absolute favorite WordPress theme 👉

• Cheap hosting with DreamHost 👉
• Premium hosting with Kinsta 👉
• LiteSpeed hosting with WPX 👉

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• Full Google PageSpeed Insights playlist:
• GeneratePress theme playlist:

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  1. It's easy to get 100 when you just use Theme, it's really difficult when you use a page builder like Elementor

  2. Thanks

  3. Each time I setup W3 Total Cache, it breaks my website….. Sad Hei!

    Very hard I always fall under 4-7 sec even with generatepress. And a great bounce rate.

  4. Benjamin Samaey

    Your videos have always been, and still are gold, Tony! Keep it up.

  5. Awesome job! I like how you keep the theme simple on your website.

  6. My website at on WP has the 100 score on both LightHouse & GTmetrix. I use GeneratePress as the theme, but I use WP-Optimize as the all-in-one package for WP optimization. The number of requests is just 6 and page size is: 80 KiB. I think it's better to optimize images before uploading them, compared to using some further plugins. EWWW plugin is not recommended by me. I use this web-based service at to compress images before uploading them.

  7. thank you so much for this video, please don't stop making them … you're awesome and your channel will get the attention it deserves soon.

  8. great video bro . Thanks for such topic videos 🙂

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