How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE in 2020 with WordPress (Step by Step Blueprint)

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Watch Complete Playlist of our Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course:
Watch Complete Playlist of our Digital Marketing Mastery Course:

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►Lesson 1: AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING for Beginners in 2020 (Tutorial) – Make $100 A Day :
►Lesson 2: How to find MOST PROFITABLE Niches/Topics To Start Blogging In 2020 (New 3-Step Blueprint) :
►Lesson 3: How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE in 2020 with WordPress (Step by Step Blueprint) :
►Lesson 4: FREE Keyword Research for SEO in 2020 (3-Step 100% Working Blueprint) :
►Lesson 5: How to Write SEO FRIENDLY ARTICLE on WordPress in 2020 :
►Lesson 6: How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE ACCOUNT in 2020 (Step by Step Blueprint) :
►Lesson 7: What is SEO? Black Hat SEO? Search Engine Optimization in 2020 Explained :
►Lesson 8: How to CREATE BACKLINKS in 2020 (Step-by-Step Blueprint) :
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  1. Ankur Aggarwal

    Watch Complete Playlist of our Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course: (follow my step by step method and create a money making website for yourself)

  2. Betkar Gaurav Deepak Dipali

    Sir siteground hosting ke grow big plan main kitne sites create kr skte hai … Means vo plan more than two peoples invest and buy kar ke individually different sites drive kar skte hai kya ..?

  3. plugin ko hide q kr de rhe do

  4. How much it takes to purchase in ruppe

  5. Prajakta Birgade

    Muze samaj nh aa rha ki mai Konse topic pe blogging karu.. Help

  6. just 1 chiz ka hi to kharcha h HOSTING KA HR MAHINE haina?

  7. Da Kali Maizgar

    completely useless video and there is nothing discussed about affiliate marketing… fk you again

  8. in amazon, the affiliate account will close after 6 months if we don't sell any products. is there any way to avoid closing of affiliate account in amazon

  9. Saicharan Jetti

    Sir can I start affiliate marketing with a free domain and hosting?

  10. Arpit Srivastava

    Hi Ankur, Thanks for the video, One thing i want to ask if we can do it on HTML website, because wordpress websites can be hacked easily. or using wordpress is best ???

  11. watch in 0.75x speed it will really helpful.

  12. If there is the premium generate press key plz give the link

  13. How to add AMAZON AFFILIATE PRODUCT on shop / site ?

  14. Dhruv Salhotra

    Sir please hindi mee bata diya karo jisse samajne mee easy ho sabhi ko

  15. Betkar Gaurav Deepak Dipali

    Sir is it true that first we need to build audience to read our site page..!
    But as you said "don't post your URL links on social medias its not going to work "
    So how to build that audience for our site ??

  16. I am in Canada do I qualify to join

  17. If you know hindi then please make some videos in hindi also

  18. Prachi Agrawal

    Hi Ankur… I can't see the site ground hosting plan for $5.95 on your website

  19. Prachi Agrawal

    can you help me to buy that? i mean can you please provide me with the link to buy the same for $5.95..

  20. Website bnwane k lie contact kre 8899256761

  21. On wordpress site, they also give option to create a website . should make it on siteground or directly create a paid site on WordPress?


    Yes I want it

  23. Hey, I am confused regarding one thing. Please sort out for me. When we will see on ubersuggest, for how many backlinks we would say it is a high competition keyword?

  24. how to show woocommerce product in front page

  25. Sir English me bolte ho kuch samajh hi nahi aata hai

  26. Sir,You are soo Genuine person.
    I feel the sense of Truth in your speech.
    Convey my Regards to your mother
    Bcz un ko Salam jin ka bayta sub ki help krta ore aala Tarbeeyat wala lagta.
    I also saw your interview with Siteesh.
    Sir,You are so good. I have no words…..

  27. Bhai how to contact you

  28. Sir can I upgrade the plan to grow big from the basic after my 1st month

  29. If anybody is interested in earning money through DV dollars and want to earn upto 50$ in one day…They can freely ask me..I'll provide them Info and proper guidance

  30. All round information

    sir not every one owns laptop. is it possible to do all these in mobile

  31. The Simran Saga

    hey i have a question , is that possible to do affiliate with multiple programs like amazon and myntra on a single website?

  32. Ankur, first of all I would like to Thank you , you have given so much for free, you should write one book each in Digital marketing courses and of course you should also write a Digital marketing Gita, having all the Digital marketing courses and publish in kindle and sell it Clickbank and digistore24 etc , Good luck

  33. Coding coarse bataiye

  34. Siddharth Rana

    In web hosting in cilent information they are asking about the company and VAT/TAX ID
    What should i write there?


  36. The video was really good, but can you please tell us, whether we need to purchase 'WOOZONE', or we can import products as well….pls explain that….

  37. Arindam Chatterjee

    this is a very bad thing done by you . you basically hide things . you should have said in the video that for creating a website at siteground we need to pay a total of rs 10,000 . this is not a easy thing for a starter . this is really heart breaking

  38. Nihal Nagar Vines

    sir can i use astra theme for affiliate website?

  39. Anjali Chourasia

    How to contact u..I have many queries

  40. Hey Ankur,
    I Have not been getting so many setting changes opgtion is SEO in siteground, is there any issue.

  41. Excellent informative & easy to follow videos. Thanks Bro Ankur, thanks a lot.

  42. Can I talk to you in HINDI.I want to know more about this and some doubt I have to clear by talk with u.plz give any contact of you.

  43. Betkar Gaurav Deepak Dipali

    Sir aap ek baar bol rahe hoo (.in) use Karo it will help you in SEO.. 9:18

    Aur fir keh rahe ho ki (.in) use mat karo ..

    And again fir bola hai apne ki country specific extension use karo ..aur uska mtlb toh (. in use karo) aysa hi hota hai ..

    Confused !!!!!! ☹️

  44. Health Education

    sir can we add amazon affliate links to blog

  45. Abdulbasith MK

    What is your opinion about Tmdhosting

  46. Amazing info sir
    Thanks for it.

  47. Is it important to buy the theme .
    Can I get it for free.

  48. Website Consultant Mayank Sharma

    Google ads ya website k liye call at 8384053007

  49. can I buy web hosting from hostinger??

  50. In dilemma whether i should target the US market or the Indian markets.
    FYI – I live in India and I'm an Indian

    Experts reviews pls

  51. Sir Can a single website can be used for affiliate marketing on multiple forums??? Different posts for Like amazon and clickbank???

  52. Gyanendra Kr. Singh

    Hey! Will u help me out! Can I not build a website free on WordPress… Keeping in mind the cons u told.. But what if I wanna start with a free one only. Also can u tell me difference between WordPress. Com and WordPress. Org

  53. site grond hosting is charging $9.99/mo …….video showed much less price. What initiative should we take now?

  54. jagrit jaiswal

    Hey Ankur i am new to this and wnna start affiliate marketing, should i join your company for getting some experience in affiliate marketing. please reply

  55. Harpreet Singh

    Sir where will I get WP rocket plugin

  56. Vishal Pugaokar

    really informative thank you so much!!!

  57. Vishal Pugaokar

    Sir can u also explain Flipkart affiliate marketing program bcos it's also opportunity to earn online

  58. sir instead of site ground what if i use word press hosting…. suggest me sir whats is good in both

  59. Elizabeth Moore

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  60. Ankur Aggarwal

    what is meant by unlimited websites in web hosting? what i think is that i could add as many domains i need in that web hosting services am I right?

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  62. I use fb ads using my blogger site but when I enter in Amazon affiliate account I see no click what seems to be the problem can u help me

  63. Srishti Chowdhury

    Is it necessary to take Premium Generate Press theme?

  64. Bro , you are all good but what bad thing I figured out from is that , you are not explaining what you are doing , you are only saying do this and that , and you are telling so fast , as we all have website and we are very pro , please tell everything to us like we are beginner

  65. lailyilfa jumaroh


  66. ankur bhai mjhe seekhna hai mane gaziya bad me rheti hu main apke sare video dekhti hu you may long life ap bhut achche hai bhai mujhe bhi seekha do mane apke institute ajaungi plz help me

  67. Planmiki Lapasamm

    Can we do it trough cell phone

  68. Ankur Sir… Its 9.99 dollar for growbig plan why

  69. sushmita thami

    Do I need trading license and GST number for affiliated marketing?

  70. Hello, I’m Chander, the owner of mygoldgame mall. I’m very happy to meet you. I want to talk to you about our company’s business projects. You will get generous rewards and rewards, earning 100,000 rs a day. Please contact my telegram number: +91 72309 [email protected]@@@

  71. i want this theme my client doesnt have much budget..

  72. Doesn't using the keyword in domain break the EMD policy of google?

  73. use hostinger with 000webhost it is really nice for beginners but if you are experienced go for paid one

  74. politics பழகு

    Wow….what ahhhh explain…super sir

  75. Bankiewshaphrang War

    Can I make a website on my phone

  76. How to contact you for guidance in stepping in affkiate marketing

  77. Wild Wide Internet

    are these tips still valid in 2020?

  78. Difficult to understand

  79. Hello Sir for business enquiry .we are Looking for your contact details ,

  80. Worth watching !!!

  81. sanak chakraborty

    Siteground is now charging nearly $10.please replay sir.

  82. Elavarasan Ravichandran

    Really appreciate your work. Thank you so much!!!

  83. Yogesh Chauhan

    Bhai hindi me video banao please

  84. Arindam Chatterjee

    who said all this are for free? the wp rocket plugin . the generate press module plugin all are costly and even his excel sheet contains wrong information . he is just cutting the actual part to make it look more easy . total fake

  85. too fast

  86. M Saad Faroq 128-FBAS/BSIT/F16

    Hello sir where is theme and plugin link.

  87. I dont money ro invest

  88. I dont have money to invest

  89. amazing video sir. I tired making a domain and filling up the form for the first time. I got stuck cuz its saying that service is not provided in India and also asking company and tax I'd.. sir please tell me . How did you get thought it teach me..!!

  90. Himansh Upadhyay

    is this important to create my own website like this way or i can use spotify web site for affilitate marketing

  91. Please make video on how to join flipkart affiliate.

  92. Please now learning digital marketing is like fraud

  93. david Mwangi UDI

    Good work but you need to improve on one thing. You need to go slow in your tutorials. Also, zoom in the processes to make it easier for beginners to follow the steps.

  94. This was really a bad video…. You are going very fast , plus you are skipping so many things …. So didn't understand anything….

  95. The services of site ground is now not available in india. What to do?

  96. बढ़िया वीडियो

  97. Ghatiaaa insaan …..why u r uploading plug-ins nnn then blur the screen…..every theme n plug-in is paid ……fake peopleee

  98. Sir can you buy 1 more account of siteground for me i want to start bussiness

  99. I don't know anything about computer knowledge of website designing, but I order a huge items of a lakh above in a month for myself or for my relatives, can I be able to become Amazon affiliate marketer, please help me…

  100. Sir very nice course, one thing to ask that just we have to buy hosting and is that all money we have to spend or is there any other things we have to pay please tell me?

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