How to Create a Slider in WordPress | EASY!

Tutorial for how to make an AWESOME website, just in case you need it:

How to create a super sexy slider for your WordPress website:
Step 1) Install the Smart Slider 3 Plugin 0:24
Step 2) Create a New Slider 0:55
Step 3) Display Your Slider on Your Website 5:06

And PRESTO! You have a professional looking slider at the top of your website!


How to Create a Homepage Slider in WordPress


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  1. Create a Pro Website

    Wanna learn how to create a super sexy slider for your WordPress website? Then check out this video! As always, I'll walk you through it STEP BY STEP. What tutorials or other videos do you guys want to see?

  2. Some guy named Tay told me once, "When we coalesce our souls we become one with the infinite now." So yeah, thanks for the tutorial

  3. Бог это все

    Thank you so much for this. Keep it up

  4. Hey please tell me the best free theme for WordPress

  5. how to translate theme psyplay/123movies en francais

  6. cool, thank a lot for your video. Waiting for the next tutorial

  7. Point to Point Graphic Design

    1000 likes for this great n neat tut.

  8. How can we add time between slides.

  9. Brandon Paulse

    Your tutorials are fantastic man, i'm just getting started with WordPress and your channel is by far the best I've found so far!

    If you're ever struggling for video ideas, it would be great if you could do a little tutorial on getting the most out of the OceanWP theme since its so popular!


  10. Anna Wielgopolan

    Hi, I can't change slider width and it's huge; it takes too much space I used SIZE option and minimed it to 300 px but nothing changed….how can I fix it?

  11. Very helpful, and well done! Thanks much!

  12. great tutorial. but while I was creating the template when I check in mobile and tablet mode my text doest not appear at all. how do I fix that. thanks

  13. Your great.. thank you!

  14. Your tutorials is the best , i'm just getting started with WordPress and your channel is by far the best I've found so far! l really wanted to cooperate with you,but my little problem on the slider is how to add it to the header in Hestia please kindly help me out,Thank, waiting for your respond.

  15. Great Tutorial. Thanks

  16. Your tutorials is the best , i'm just getting started with WordPress and your channel is by far the best I've found so far! l really wanted to cooperate with you,but my little problem on the slider is how to add it to the header in Hestia without using Elementor please kindly help me out,Thank, waiting for your respond.

  17. Thank you 🙂 you is amazing 😉

  18. good job on the video very well explained thanks keep it up

  19. You explain things in such a beautiful manner, I appreciate the help! Hope you stay safe amidst this crisis!

    Kind regards,

  20. Such an amazing talent I learned so many things to this guy and Thank you..passionate man

  21. कुंवर नितीश सिंह

    In my website smart slider 3 can't be instal

  22. Excellent tutorial. This is exactly what I needed for my webpage. Thank you!!!!!!

  23. Jacqueline Elliott

    Great Tutorial, However It would not upload I am using word press. I Can see the plug in on top of dash board but when I click on it. It won’t add to my home page. Whats up with that? Any suggestions?

  24. Awesome bro. Thanks!

  25. Peterparker Peterparker

    Hi guys.
    anyone knows how i can build a slider like theatre curtain openin?

  26. Russell Lovato

    You are at the top in my book, your tutorials are the best.

  27. Eytan Birenbaum

    This video is simply great! Can you give some more info about optimal image sizes for this slider? THX

  28. Hi, I used the video to create a slider. However, it did not display as my header, it displayed at the bottom of my page. How do I fix this?

  29. HkA Cinematic Films

    Cheers bro God bless, I have a question is to possible to integrate wix web builder on my web hosting website and how can I do it

  30. christina palis

    Thank you for all the tutorial, tips, and all!

  31. Hossen Alamgir

    Very nice but how to make responsive?

  32. Amazing! Subscribed!

  33. For those who need something faster , this is not for you. Smart slider makes website speed very slow

  34. Hi. Do you have one for products for blog. Like shopping. Thank you. O subscribed.

  35. #badly_in_needed. Reply plz..

    if i want this directly i mean main home page, not any page then what can i do?

    Okay i explain it..
    Now i get it

    If i want to get it then what can i do?

  36. Hi there, you have lovely content. Thank you! I need to desperately know, how do I link the blog post to a page? In fact, I not only struggle with doing this on the slider posts, but also on my regular blog posts. Many many thanks!!

  37. Prasanna Venkatesh

    Thanks Buddy, you are my savior, let me know whether this is better than other slider

  38. Hey I noticed you put -10 on your margins, but is the margin 10 on some other setting? is there a way to set that setting to zero or is it just the default for wordpress pages? i could never find the margins being 10 on any settings i looked through. kinda annoying.

  39. Thanks sir

  40. Hey Buddy the tutorial was awesome and easy to understand thanks!!

  41. this is no longer the same plugin there are no options that you show here in the upgraded version. Outdated as of June 2020

  42. Thanks bro, clear and concise

  43. Thanks, Mob, I appreciate your help

  44. Voruto Uzamaki

    I don’t understand why I don’t have edit with elementor part, Waste of time building my slider I can’t even find widget or have option for edit with elwmentor

  45. Voruto Uzamaki

    Is there a way that I can put it somewhere else instead of my home screen ? All is see is videos putting them only on home screen

  46. Thanks. But i receives message installation failed?

  47. lebron jaydhen


  48. "I'm a template guy". Gotta remember that tho, can't say it better than that. P.S. Nice tut:)

  49. Rukmini Kotamraju

    Thank you…

  50. Faiyaz Merchant

    How to get animation between 2 slides on a free version smart slider?

  51. English Squared

    Thanks so much for the well-organized video (-; One thing that you didn't mention was cross-platform compatibility. That is what landed me on your page. Google slides work well on desktops but look horrible on mobile. I will test out your solution. Take care (-;

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  53. This is so amazing!!! Glad I stumbled upon your videos. New to all this and you do a fantastic job of making sense of everything for newbies. I have so many questions! Lol. Do you have a forum for such requests?

  54. nice video

  55. This is an amazing tutorial, but the template option is no longer available for this plugin.

  56. Amazing, amazing, AMAZING! Thumbs up dude.

  57. akshay nanjunda

    Thank you very very informative

  58. Diario segreto di un balconiere

    Thank you man, for this great tutorial! Very well explained, but I've got a question for you: according to you does it have a sense to create a slider for a mobile use? Cause if I fill the slider with vertical images, suiting with mobile format, it's awful if I see it on the computer. How can I solve this problem? Thank you and…you earned a follower 😉

  59. Sonia Frontera

    Thank you so much!

  60. By far the best Elementor tutorials on YouTube. Everything explained in easy to follow steps. Many thanks.
    Just one question. What image size should we use for the background when creating our own slider?

  61. Franco Anzalone

    Nice, Dale! Thanks for this video! I was using that dangnabit carousel widget, but now this is ten times better! LOL

  62. Chitlins Laundry

    Thanks A ton brother!!!

  63. Hello! I have a little problem with SmartSlider. I made some nice slides, and they are very cool on my big resolution desktop. But when i view the site from my laptop, or any other small resolution desktop, the slides are in a very strange format. Any solution on that please?

  64. Hey Dale, great video as usual. Could you please show how to make the flipping tiles? The ones that flip when you hover a mouse on them to show the information on the back?

  65. Smon Rodjanapat

    awesome. It is helpful.

  66. ꧁꧂Ꮆ Ꮛ Ꮼ Ꮧ Ꮆ Ꮛ꧁꧂

    Question, so can you add the slider onto a different theme?

  67. Hi, getting clarity on slide insert in wordpress website. thanks. Can you tell how to set auto move without tapping the front and back arrow on the slider

  68. Sonia Frontera

    Thank you! You make it look so easy!

  69. Massay jean michel

    love your videooooo , you save me. i know smart slider but i dont know to use it. its very good. but at 7:27 i find another way about margin. In the block where I put my slider, the layout of this block, column spacing, I put no deviation and that automatically removes the margin.

  70. Massay jean michel

    using a template its very very pratical. thanks again

  71. Richard Overton


  72. The Landon Shop

    thanks its helpful

  73. Thank you so much, that was very helpful.

  74. I used Smart Slider but it is loading very slow. The image slider position is buffering while other portions of the page has loaded already. Please suggest solutions for this.


    Very very helpful.Thank you !

  76. Thank you very much, that's true you explain really very well, you helped me well ! thank you again, take care ! Loris.

  77. Awesome man

  78. Excellent. One thing, though, is how large should the background image be?

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