How Affiliate Marketing Works With Instagram For Beginners

You have grown a small number of followers on Instagram you want to know how to monetize with affiliate marketing. In this video, I will show you how affiliate marketing works and every step you need to follow to make money with affiliate marketing.

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In this video you will learn:
0:00 Introduction
0:43 Only Promote The Product You Used
1:39 How To Join The Affiliate Program
2:31 Create Unique Link For Your Affiliate Product
4:20 Create Unique Link For Amazon Affiliate Product
5:56 Serve Your Audience First And Sell
6:43 Leave Disclosure For Your Sales Page
and much more!

So you want to monetize on Instagram with affiliate marketing then these are the steps.

First, you only sell the product that you really use for your everyday business. Recommend the product that really helps people.

You can join the affiliate program by scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the product you want to promote and sign up as an affiliate marketer.

Then you will need to create a unique link for your affiliate link because you don’t want to use the long and ugly affiliate link by shortening the link you can go to your own website to shortening or bitly this website.

If you are promoting Amazon products you can use the genius link because Amazon has a different location website you want your customers to click on your link and go to the link for the home country. Doing this you won’t miss any of the sales.

Always remember to serve your audience 3-5 times and sell them once. Because they are here to get value from you not to buy from you yet. The more you serve your audience the more chances you will make in sales.

At the bottom of your content always leave disclosure for your affiliate link you need to make money legally.

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