Here Is My WordPress Recommendation List… WordPress Themes, Plugins, And Page Builders

Here is a list of my personal recommendations for WordPress Themes, WordPress Page Builders, and eCommerce WordPress Themes

Best WordPress Page Builders
Here is a list of my personal WordPress Recommendations for Best WordPress themes, Best WordPress Plugins and Best WordPress Page Builders

1. Divi Theme –
2. Brizy Page Builder –
3. Elementor Page Builder

Best WordPress Themes

1. Astra –
2. Neve Theme –
3. Divi Theme –

Best eCommerce Themes

1. Flatsome –
2. Elementor –
3. Brizy –
4. Astra –
5. Neve –

Misc WordPress Websites

1.Real Estate –
2. Listings Theme –
3. School Websites – Moodle With Any Page Builders

Best WordPress Plugins

eCommerce – WooCommerce:
Booking Plugin:
Membership Plugin:
Online Course Plugin:

Best Web Hosting

1. Namehero –
2. Hostinger –
3. Siteground –
4. KnownHost:
5. Wp-Engine:

Best Web Hosting Test For 90 Days

Also here is a list of tutorials i mentioned in the video

Divi Theme Tutorial:
Elementor PRO tutorial:
Elementor eCommerce:
Flatsome eCommerce:

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  1. Hey Party People! So for those of you who want to know what i thought about certain page builders or plugins or themes and what i think of them, here is a recommendation of builders, themes and plugins I prefer. BUT, let me know your favorite products you like below!

  2. I know your favourite beer is modelo.

  3. Free California

    Thanks Darrel for another super-informative vid. Using Siteground and Divi here so I have no complaints. I do have Brizy as well and love it, but have not spent enough time with it to really build out anything besides a few landing pages. Thanks again for all you do for the community! You’re the best.

  4. I think you didn't mentioned oxygen, and what do you think about it?

  5. Free California

    You mentioned Wix, Shopify, etc. and other paid builders (maybe Webflow, etc.). I know putting together these vids on YT take time so it may not be worth your time, but I would love to hear from someone like yourself who has been a developer for 10,000 years why it’s “fake news” to use those builders. I get asked all the time “why shouldn’t I just build it myself with ‘Webflow’ or whatever?” … ugh. It’s like asking someone why they shouldn’t just go buy a hamburger at McD’s instead of doing a real home-grown BBQ at home with fresh meat. Still, hard to answer when all they think they want to do is drag and drop some images and push in some text – but we all know it is seldom as simple as that. Wondering if anyone else has that issue with potential clients? Thanks again for all your vids!

  6. Anyone have any feedback on Kadence?

  7. Thanks Darrell I think you shared a great list, but for me there are three missing contenders on each category: Oxygen builder, Kadence WP Theme and Cloudways cloud hosting. What do you think about those?

  8. You didn't mention the best WordPress builder of them all, Oxygen builder.

  9. Barzin Lotfabadi

    Amazing content as always! Haven't been using Brizy but I love how they've been updating, curious to run into an opportunity to put them to use.

  10. Do any of these plugins scrape your data? How do you trust them?


    Will u make a video of making a native app for a WordPress e-commerce web app.
    Also which one is better using a WordPress plugin or outsourcing to other sites.

  12. Webnestify Europe

    Please make video of Oxygen WP builder. This one is going to be god among theme builders.

  13. haha loves Darrel's videos but have to disagree with Shopify being fake news

  14. Tomas Snarskis

    Ultimate Membership Pro is amazing!!!

  15. Success by Design

    Thanks, I use the free Astra theme with Pro Elementor… Soon, I will expand into online learning… I was looking at LearnDash, but I will check out Moodle and LMS Lifter as well..

  16. Change Divi name to Diva then 😉

  17. I feel you like my personal WordPress guru, thanks, man.

  18. Nicky Mandeville

    Nice video. Can I have your thoughts on kadence theme and the crocoblocks suite? I looked at Amelia's pricing plan and compared to crocoblocks ; the latter seems like better value but I haven't purchased either one yet.

  19. Sam The Marketing Guy

    thrive architect is the best in the market.

  20. Hey Darrel. Love your videos. I'm surprised you did not mention Oxygen builder… Have you tried it?

  21. Amine Unshakable

    Goodness you video today is crisp man…. must good setup not just you.
    Great tutorials as always

  22. I have some questions I've done all u said can u do a video on large files media sales on woocommerce I'm hvae a problem files to big and now its giving me errors or can u tell me who to contact to fix things for me thanks

  23. ONE Estate Romania

    houzez is the best on real estate.. i use it! check it out! i ve tested almost all real estate themes.. houzez is the best

  24. You missed Kadence! Replaced a Divi website with Kadence and it twice as quick!

  25. I don’t how we can comment, the honesty the way everything so grateful, I start to work because of GAD then you , I always go with your recommendation, thanks from my hart ❤️真主保佑你

  26. Charles Ojukwu

    I like Siteground but its pretty expensive after the first year. First-year 5.99/month, 2nd year 24.99/month??? I'm in the process of switching and moving all my domains from Siteground to Hostinger. No complaints though about Sitegroud's performance…just the price

  27. tell us about WPX hosting- is that better or worst than site ground?

  28. I absolutely hate Divi. I have tried to start maybe a half dozen websites on Divi and every time, I come to a place — different places — that the website refuses to work. I try to do something — even something I have alreeady done elsewhere — and it will not work. I've also used Beaver Builder but now, I design my sites with Xd and build them with Elemeentor. Stick with what works.

  29. when did u start brizy courses?

  30. Khalid El-Gazzar

    Super great video, thanks Darrel!

  31. wich lms theme you recomend from the top 3 on themeforest?

  32. thank you so much darrel , i've even used your DARREL coupon code on Hostinger and i didn't regret it, they have the best interface in my opinion

  33. Fantastic!

  34. Darell can you please make a video on complete courier service company sytem . Complete system

  35. Cannot believe that Brizy beat Elementor. Their mobile design interface is so bad it's not even usable.

  36. Again excellent video can you make video how to make iptv website please

  37. Very nice list. I use one or more of your favorites per category myself. Astra, Elementor and WooCommerce being my own personal favorites. One thing though. You really have to take a look at SEOPress. This one always seems to be missing from your lists and I really can't figure out why. It's one, if not the best SEO plugins. (Free and/or Pro).

  38. Much Informative!

  39. Great value!! I am a beginner, I just bought my domain and ready to build a small business Blog. What theme would you recommend?

  40. Great recommends!

  41. I think the best theme is Kadence theme

  42. Naveen Rebalisam

    Thank you.
    Please create one school or college website please

  43. where is generatepress

  44. Love the fake gurus parts LooL & Love you ma man (y)

  45. Thank you for this video. I think one about themes/plugins for hotel sites would be interesting – well, at least for me!

  46. Hi Darrel,
    I keep following your recommendations and videos, and this my little experience:

    I'm using Elementor Page Builder with Astra theme, i feel elementor slow down the site when i test with but not sure about other builders not ready to try them XD.

    I used Ultimate Membership Pro,
    The plugin is great,
    But had to work around and use the integration option with WooCommerce to link with local payment method for middle east people. Sad we cant use PayPal would make our life easy. I remember you recommended to use 2checkout for middle east people but didn't work with me maybe my bad not sure.

    Regarding hosting I left my paid bluehost (bye bye money) and moved to Namehero (worth it),
    As on shared hosting level I can say Namehero 20x faster than bluehost for what i'm working on – the support team super fast – Darrel discount is awesome.
    Side note:
    Hostinger you gave them number 1 but many reviews says they are great with avoiding them, maybe on your testing period time hostinger had great time with some luck.
    SiteGound you gave them average on your list, but as reviews they could be higher, maybe they had bad luck on your testing period time.

    KEEP IT UP Mr. Darrel 😀

  47. Hi Darrel, can you recommend POS plugin for woocommerce website. Thanks a ton.

  48. Hey great video however how could you not include Kadence theme? Seems it is a very competitive. I would love to hear your oppinion in this one!!!

  49. Hi Darrel maybe one day you show us, how we can build a Front End using WordPress for E commerce ?

  50. Hi Darrel, so before watching this video I was checking in order to buy the "Soledad – Multi-Concept Blog Magazine WordPress Theme" but now I'm not so sure, I want to build a Blog/Magazine Website with features similar to the ones in the "Soledad" Theme, should I go ahead with the purchase or is there a better theme you'd recommend?, Thanks!!

  51. You are my go-to WordPress expert!

  52. Hello @Darrel Wilson , i have a question for u. do you know how to edit bulk product variation prices in WooCommerce

    For exemple, i want to increase or decrease the price by a pourcentage.
    I have a lot of product, it will take me ages to change them individually…. Thanks a lot

  53. Erick Gonzalez

    Hi, Could you recommend a plugin to make combos in my restaurant and put them in my virtual store drink + main + dessert

  54. Do you even Oxygen bro????

  55. Does WooCommerce support different payment process's currency such as Saudi riyal or Egyptian pound?

  56. I’m one of those people that purchased one of those pretty themes and like you said I’m getting too many glitches. I have travel site (heavy on images) would you recommend flatsome for that?

  57. Oxygen is by far the most advanced page builder. The fastest, no contest. The most flexible for page layout with its powerful flex box engine. Now I can build a website from scratch like a pro because of Oxygen.

    No themes needed.

  58. Hello Darrel, Thank you for this tutorial. I have one question related to E-Commerce though, Why would you pick WordPress over Shopify for E-Commerce in the first place? I would like to know the reasons for that. Thank you in advance, hope you can answer this question 🙂

  59. Thepul Darshana

    Bro i m big fan of your channel , I m really stuck and confused to choose a good product filtering plugin for my shop page. Can you please do a long video on Themify filter and/or WOOF Product filter please ? cos the existing ones are very very old and not much exciting to follow. i hope you would consider this , appreciate bro

  60. I See Why You Didn't Recommend Oxygen Builder… Because You Are Reviewing A Page Builder, and Oxy Is A great "Theme's Builder" :v

  61. Jean-Pierre Michael

    This is so strange that you don’t even talk about oxygen builder. Is that because of the non affiliate policy,?

  62. RE eCommerce themes, don't they all just use WoCommerce anyway, so have the same basic functionality?
    I use DIVI myself, but I use ECWID rather than WooCommerce, so I cannot really comment about the lack of an add to cart button, but surely this is a Woocommerce feature rather than a DIVI feature?

  63. I think Siteground are a terrible host, I used them for a year and had nothing but problems, customer service is awful.


    Hi Darrel, I a looking to build and affiliate marketing website and I greatly need your professional help. How can I dm please, please, please

  65. Hey Darrel.. You miss 'w' on your siteground url in the description.
    You just put in double 'w' instead of triple 'w'

  66. divi can add the button very easy but the issue is divi will miss the css loading if use the tiny the css with the check option, one of my website faced this issue then I changed to flatsome, it is very easy to use flatsome as woocommerce website. I bought the full life divi account, but I don't use divi for years…

  67. I prefer SiteOrigin, it fits in existing themes and is not slowing down the site.

  68. Finding Purpose

    I use Elementor and Divi but I find Elementor more friendly (even for beginners). Perhaps I’m missing something with Divi. Either way, both are good (and Divi has been more reliable since V3). I agree with WPBakery and really don’t enjoy using it.

  69. Finding Purpose

    Hey Darrel, what plugin would you recommend for a vehicle rental website? Customers must be able to lease the vehicles through the website so it would be good to integrate with WooCommerce.

  70. Haven’t watched the video and probably won’t. I’ve used Origin, Visual Composer aka WPBakery, Beaver Builder, X Theme builder, Arvada builder, Divi, Elementor, and Oxygen.

    Out of those I would recommend Oxygen any day over any other builder. In fact it’s beyond a builder as it does so much more than those other bloated builders.

    Now with that said, I’m not against Elementor and Divi. I would use either one if Oxygen wasn’t available. I would recommend it to WordPress noobs as well. However for someone who honestly wants to learn about real design and development while using a great, lightweight builder… Oxygen rules.

    I agree with some of the other comments Darrel that your personal bias is at play with your responses to Oxygen. I would even guess it’s due to the fact your own skill set is dumbed down and the best you can do is drag and drop.

  71. Thank Darrel – Great Video! You didn't mention anything about the Blocksy theme, just wondering as Brizy recommends this with their web builder. Keep up the great info network!!

  72. Can you use Astra theme with offline WordPress?

  73. Why do you not mention Avada or Oxygen?

  74. Darrel, Ultimate Membership Pro compatible with the Brizy Pro website builder? I don't see it listed in their list of web builders. Did Brizy just get skipped over?

  75. For all asking… OXYGEN SUCKS. Even WPBakery is better or whatever its called.

  76. Miljenko Bulaš

    No Oxy, no party 😉

  77. Hey buddy, really looking forward for the moodle video 🙂

  78. Hey Darrel..Kadence theme should be recommended instead of astra

  79. you didn't called Kadence. i think it's the best free theme nowadays. I used Astra for a long while but kadence is much better.

  80. Why is everyone getting so worked up about Oxygen? Although I use it for everything WP related, you have to remember, that people who build in wordpress, generally aren't Web Developers. WP allows average joe's to do it themselves, and designers to build sites without knowing code. That's the beauty of it. Oxygen is different, as it bridges the gap for people who like the freedom of coding from scratch, and who probably wouldn't have went near WP without it, like me. Because of this, most people who use wordpress, actually do hate it! I tried to make it a standard in my former agency for over a year, and everyone hated it, because why learn code when you can just stick some Divi theme up and get on with the next one. Everyone rejected it. So my 2 cents….. If you use and love Oxygen, good for you! If you're interested in learning more code and you want to focus on becoming a developer predominantly, Oxygen is definitely worth looking at. If you already do consider yourself an even moderately skilled developer, then Oxygen is an absolute no-brainer. If you're a designer first and foremost, or just churn out small sites for a small agency, or if you just run your own website, there are probably 50+ more suitable options out there for you.

  81. Hi Darrel really informative tutorials, thanks for taking the time to make and share such well polished videos. Hoping you may be able to suggest a builder/plugin suitable for building a Limo/Chauffeur site, that will have booking/quote forms/date pickers/time etc…. I am new to WP and have made the mistakes you mention, buying themes that I thought would look good and be nice they have all turned out to be rather difficult to do anything with as a beginner and either use WP Bakery (I agree with your comments WP Bakery is a nightmare to try and use) or they have been HTML themes which of course wont work with WP. – essentially I have wasted a few hundred dollars and would rather not waste any more money. Just want to get my site built and running – any suggestions on which are most suitable would be most welcome.

  82. Huge thanks, no fluff, quality material, hence am a sub 🙂

  83. Great review Darrel. I have used all the products listed with the exception of flatsome and feel the same. I personally find divi the easiest to use and elementor the best for complicated websites. I will have to give flatsome a try for giggles and see what I am missing.

  84. Thank you!

  85. Kathy Garretson

    Just the list I was looking for, thanks – Yes have a Modelo! I prefer corona, yes even this year!

  86. Do you have any recommendations for Invoice plugin solutions for a Woo Commerce store? Modelo is pretty good beer!

  87. which theme I used for the membership website should I use Divi ??

  88. Darrel what do you think of Genesis WP thèmes to build a website?

  89. Monika Siegemund

    You can get the Divi Ecommerce child theme to be able to sell products. Haven't tried it myself but I guess this should solve the issue with this theme

  90. you didnt talk about Betheme 🙁 i am about to buy those themes

  91. i m using flatsome on my ecoomerce website but i don't really like it because its not look professional , i recommend proto it also one the best selling theme

  92. 7:53 I agreed with you %100 percent. Who is ready this comments please please don’t buy a multipurpose theme especially Porto theme , I paid 50 bucks it is freaking slow and I have vps server on digital ocean installed centos8 cyberpanel litespeed 4vcpu 4gb ram only one website data center location in Delaware still freaking 10 seconds to fully load page desktop on mobile if you don’t belive me go head and buy

  93. Webmaster Barcelona

    I have tried everything, from all Page builder out there Elementor PRO is the best.

  94. enrique oswaldo cerron sanchez

    Hi Darrel , please could you do tutorial with

  95. Hi Sir, I'm Lev Vinnik from Yiwu Fair Promotion Cooperation

    It is our honor to watch your impressive video on Youtube

    Is it possible for you to cooperate to post the promotional video of this exhibition on your media account with your comments about it? Of course, we will pay for your cooperation.

    Wish you all the best!
    Lev Vinnik

  96. Hi Darrel I thank you for all your vids, I'm new at this and you have helped me pick out good stuff and gave me ideas. I would like to suggest that you make a video on essential plugins or must have/install. For example security plugins/backups/ anti-spam and that sort of stuff and if you would recommend to install them. When they would be necessary if they are at all.

  97. Ecoommerce & affiliate and pod


    Elementor is best

  98. Santiago Israelevich

    Thank you very much Darrel! Would it be possible for you to review Oxygen?

  99. You have the thickest eyebrows PLEASE use some eyebrow gel and brush those things <3

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