Best Underrated FREE PC Games (Not On Steam) You Didn’t Know | SKYLENT

Best Underrated FREE PC Games (Not On Steam) You Didn’t Know | SKYLENT
OpenRCT2 $5.00 on Steam
Mindustry $5.99 on Steam


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  1. You're the BEST!


    Steam < Gamejolt <

  3. Idk guys i am looking kinda early tho

  4. 2D MMO's that are actually good?

  5. Make one about Brawlhalla

  6. Epic, dookie that in mind…

  7. all best☺️

  8. You should put the name of each game on your video.. Sometimes you speak so fast that we can barely hear the name of the game…

  9. Honestly, minimalistic visuals with the developers putting most of their effort into content and gameplay quality is where indie games need to go. Big studios produce AAA titles with 20-30 hours of content but honestly I would rather see a return to the days when you could spend 100+ hours in an RPG or have games with hundreds of levels. Games need to put gameplay first and I feel there's too much being lost for the sake of high fidelity visuals.

  10. Amir Ali Ghaforeyan Rad

    Bro i need that war brocker but how to get in there i never played Browser game plz tell me how

  11. Lecoffre Emilien

    watching a Skylent video and discovering an awesome IO game again :DDD thx for your vid man, keep going the gj !

  12. Hope you guys are having fun and try to keep the hype alive!

    Links to games:


    OpenRCT2 $5.00 on Steam

    Mindustry $5.99 on Steam

  13. Nice video! Would love to see your first impressions for genshi impact!

  14. boogie5 gaming etc.

    Quake Champions is FREE and SHOULD get more love

  15. can somebody can give a low spec laptop pleaseeeee and thanks for reading this

  16. Heavenly Fuzion

    not to be mean but you said Mindustry wrong

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