SearchWP Metrics Nulled v.1.2.7 Free Download (Download)

An effective on-site search implementation provides unique insight into your visitors. By observing what visitors are searching for you can make educated decisions about areas of improvement when it comes to your content.

Note: SearchWP by default includes Statistics within the core plugin while Metrics (described here) is a Pro Extension which requires a Pro or Pro Plus license

SearchWP’s Metrics extension (requires a Pro or Pro Plus license) collects comprehensive data for on-site search, and provides you with actionable advice about refinements you can make as time goes on.

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SearchWP Metrics main interface

SearchWP’s Metrics extension provides actionable insights into search traffic on your site.

  • What are visitors searching for?
  • What are visitors finding when they search?
  • How often are visitors searching?
  • What searches are (incorrectly) yielding no results and frustrating visitors?
  • Do visitors look beyond page 1 of our search results?

Metrics answers questions like these and at the same time provides actionable insights based on the data that’s collected.

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SearchWP Metrics Nulled v.1.2.7 Free Download

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