[24.6] WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Nulled v.24.5 (Download)

Shipping tracking, product shipping and delivery dates estimation made easy!


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WCST allows your clients to easily track their orders. You will be able to associate to every order a shipping company and a tracking number. WCST will display tracking info (Company URL and trackin code) directly in “Complete Order” email and “View Order” page. Your clients just clicking on the link generated by WCST will easily track their orders. Trackin URL (where possible, if the company allows that) will automatically redirect to the comapany site where the user can automatically track the shipping status according the associated tracking code.
NoteThe plugin, like WordPress, requires a minimum 7.0 PHP version.
To receive automatic updates just install and configure the Envato updater plugin: httpss://goo.gl/pkJS33 .The official guide that explains how to configure it can be found in the following link: httpss://envato.com/market-plugin .DEFINE YOUR OWN COMPANIES
WCST has defined more tha 40 shipping companies. Don’t you find the one you need? Don’t worry!! WCST allows you to define your own custom shipping companies (Name and Tracking URL), just add it from WooCommerce -> Shipping tracking -> Add Custom company pageMULTIPLE TRACKING CODE, SHIPPING COMPANIES, DISPATCH DATES AND CUSTOM TEXT!
WCST allows you to associate one or more tracking codes and shipping companies for each order. Furthermore, for every shipping can be also specified a dispatch date and custom text. In this way both the shop admin and customer can easily keep track of the shippings timings!CUSTOMIZE EMAIL AND ORDER DETAILS HTML SNIPPET
Would you like to customize the HTML snippet included into the email Template and Order details page? It’s possible! You can customize templates directly from the admin menu.TRACK SHIPMENT PROGRESS STATUS WITH A TIMELINE IN SITE
The Shipping Tracking pluging allows also to show shipment progress status with a timeline directly in site. To do that just use the special [track_shipping_in_site]shortcode inside the Order details message through the special menu. 
Once done, a tracking info widget will be displayed showing every step the shipping has performed until the current day in every Order details page!
Optionally you can show the “track in site” widget in any page. To do that just use the following shortcode with the special “track_in_site” parameter: [wcst_tracking_form track_in_site=”true”]. It will render a form where once the user has entered a tracking code, the “track in site” widget will be showed displaying the shipping progress.

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