[2.2.8] WP Defender Pro Nulled Crack v.2.2.7 (Download)

Wp Defender Pro Nulled : Best WordPress Security Plugin Nulled

Keep your site safe from hackers! Brute force attacks and malicious bots are no match for Defender’s mighty WordPress security shields and cloaking technology.

WP Defender’s regular security scans, vulnerability reports, audit logs, 2-factor authentication, safety recommendations, blacklist monitoring, IP lockout device, simple security tweaks, core, plugin and theme code checker and login masking are too much for even the most wily villain.

Scans and reports are awesome, but who do you call to lay the smack-down on hackers?

WP Defender Pro not only makes suggestions, he’ll give you action steps and stand guard giving you a stronger site

Block the Bad Guys With WP Defender Pro Nulled

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  • Brute Force Lockout : Limit login attempts to block attackers trying to guess your password.
  • File Change Detection : Scan plugins, themes and WordPress core files for changes to the code.
  • 404 Lockout : Use 404 detection to stop bots that are scanning for vulnerabilities.
  • Audit Logs : Keep detailed logs of every user action from file modifications to settings changes.
  • Email Notifications : Never be left in the dark with customized reports and automate email notifications.
  • IP Lockout : Trigger timed or permanent site bans with both manual and automatic IP controls.
  • Security Key Updater : Add another layer of protection by changing security keys on a schedule.
  • Automated Scans : Keep an eye on your site with regular automated scans and reporting.
  • Blacklist Monitoring : Checks safe web services and warns you if your site has been flagged as unsafe.
  • 2-Factor Authentication : Use 2-factor authentication to protect your site with both a password and a phone.
  • Remember Me Checked : Set how long the “Remember me” option will keep users logged in to your site.
  • Whitelist IP : Make exceptions to lockout rules and prevent administrators from losing access.
  • Security Tweaks : Add effective security measures with recommendations and one-click hardening.
  • Hub Security Manager : Monitor security issues, updates and backups for all your sites from the Hub.
  • Snapshot Backups : Wp Defender Pro includes 10GB of cloud storage and automated Snapshot backups.

Pro Security Tweaks

Security isn’t one-size-fits-all, so WP Defender Pro Nulled will analyze your site, make suggestions for security tweaks and provide easy activation for the most effective layered security measures used by the pros.

WP Defender Download Nulled is the professional security upgrade you’ve been looking for.

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Wp Defender Pro Nulled Download 2.2.2


Wp Defender Pro Nulled Download 2.2.3


Wp Defender Pro Nulled Download 2.2.5

Wp Defender Pro Nulled Download 2.2.6

Wp Defender Pro Nulled Download 2.2.7

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