$447 In One Hour on Clickbank | Make Money On Clickbank | Clickbank Facebook Ads

$447 In One Hour on Clickbank | Make Money On Clickbank | Clickbank Facebook Ads

I just made over 400$+ within the last Hour on a brand new affiliate marketing campaign for a brand new product that I found on Clickbank. Its a step by step Clickbank Facebook ads Tutorial


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  1. hello sir i am biggest fan of you

  2. Made udemy course on affiliate

  3. sir plz can you give me our big youtube channel link

  4. Is there a way to open a clickbank account? They keep blocking my account as I'm not from a tier one country

  5. why not last mnth yt earning video??

  6. יובל ארביב

    it is same thing with max bounty? as i do have account there and not with click bank

  7. Thanks for watching this video …Do subscribe for more case study type videos like these

  8. did you have to create a separate DIY page on FB for the campaign?

  9. Subscribed to your channel sir…great content. Can you please guide on a MaxBounty campaign for limited budget starters?

  10. Thanks for the good work. Please provide the URL of the Facebook ads spy tools you used in the video.

  11. Adedeji Adedayo

    thanks for the video, I really love it, please what is the name of the Facebook ads spying tool you used in this video?

  12. So it's possible to earn commission with facebook ads.just have 300$ for ads.just wanna know if I can even make 400$ back for the first month

  13. My friend, two days ago and I have been communicating with you, there is no response, neither on Instagram nor Facebook, and we want you in something necessary

  14. How i Can rewrite articles for adsense

  15. Are the tricks in the adsense course material still working well today? Iam wait your answer before i pay in udemy.

  16. Hey sir kya adsense arbitrage profitable Hai 2021 me

  17. WoodworkinG Skills

    How do you track purchases?

  18. osm dear see first time you

  19. To do affiliate marketing, having a YouTube channel is important

  20. what is the best RDP company

  21. Mohammed Mujtaba Qureshi

    Sir can I run Facebook ads on ₹300 budget per day will it give me conversions

  22. Blockbuster Tapos

    why your clickbank status is no data ? fake?

  23. Hey sir do you have any social media like Instagram may i get?

  24. My friend, I want to join the YouTube training and do not respond to it, either on Facebook or Instagram

  25. A quick question not related to this video. About FB Business Manager, would you recommend to set the currency as USD or INR. I heard some comments about exchange rate and is better to stick with INR if your payment is going to be with INR. Any thoughts? Also can fb ads be used via prepaid card eg. Privacy. com cards, etc.

  26. How do you increase Adset budget? Auto rules or directly increasing

  27. hi RAJKUMAR, I want to ask you about a problem with my AdSense account, I send a lot of paid traffic from Facebook to my website but I have 0 clicks and 0 CTR do you think the problem is my AdSense account, for 3 days of sending traffic the earning is zero PLZ answer me

  28. Which is the best ad network for new bloggers instead of google adsense? Also, which ad network will give approval to new bloggers if they have no traffic & will drive traffic through fb ads?

  29. Sir does taboola + adsense still work?? Please reply

  30. share youtube earning

  31. I so like this demonstration of quality video production, I simply feel like it took all my negativity away. Will be coming back for more!

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